Camanche, IA: City attorney suggests BSL

Camanche, IA, considered BSL for “pit bulls” in 2007 and 2010, but the council at each time decided against it. City attorney Tom Lonergan was supportive of the previous pushes for BSL. City administrator Tom Roth and at least one other councilmember were also supportive. The general argument at that time was that “pit bulls” are different and more dangerous compared to other dogs, and therefore needed to be specially regulated.

There’s a new councilmember and mayor on board now, and Lonergan apparently wants to see whether the new elected officials will support BSL. At the January  2012 council meeting, Camanche city attorney Tom Lonergan “brought up the issue of pit bulls,” which strongly suggests that he is still trying to get some kind of “pit bull” restrictions in place.

We do NOT know how the council responded to Lonergan’s request, so let’s play it safe. Please respectfully remind Camanche council that BSL is ineffective, discriminatory, and unacceptable.

Contact info for Camanche officials:
917 3rd Street, P.O. Box 77, Camanche, Iowa 52730
563-259-9025 FAX
City Clerk Sheryl Jindrich,
City Hall Administrator Tom Roth,

Thanks to Jesse for the heads up.

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