Okolona, MS: BSL proposed

Okolona, MS, is proposing breed-specific restrictions on “pit bulls.” The ordinance could be voted on as early as next week’s recess meeting. That meeting is set for Tuesday, Jan 17, at 6 p.m. at the Okolona Auditorium (confirmed by city clerk).

Contact info for city officials:
CITY OF OKOLONA, 215 West Main, P.O. Box 111, Okolona, MS 38860
662-447-5461 voice
662-447-3956 fax
Okolona@midsouth.com (this email may not work–city clerk did not realize it existed)

I have requested a copy of the proposal, but at this time I do not have any specifics other than what the below news article says. Okolona is a small town without a website, making this a difficult issue for me to track. If a local is able to keep me updated, I would appreciate it.

Animal control ordinance drawn up for city

Reported by: Justin Lewis, jlewis@wtva.com
Last Update: 1/10 10:22 pm

OKOLONA, Miss. (WTVA) — […] It’s now the City of Okolona’s turn to take a crack at adopting an ordinance against dogs that could harm you or your pets. […]

This proposed ordinance defines a “dangerous animal,” as a pitbull terrier or any Staffordshire bull terrier breed.

Now, the city is not looking to ban these dogs.

However, if you own one you’d be required to pay $150 a year for a permit that allows you to keep the animal within the city limits. […]

Full article retrieved 1/11/12 from http://www.wtva.com/news/local/story/Animal-control-ordinance-drawn-up-for-city/74Rgd8LdhEGhGLCvPFqF5Q.cspx

6 responses to “Okolona, MS: BSL proposed

  1. As you can see Amer. Staff. This also is a business for the various institutions.

  2. Shellena Arrington

    I will definitely keep you updated. I am trying to see if I can attend this meeting to spread some light on the situation. I live in Union County (New Albany, MS). I am about a 30 minute drive from there and would love to have my voice heard in this matter.

    • Awesome! Thank you, Shellena! (It would take me 12 hours to get to Okolona, so I REALLY appreciate the help from folks who live in the area!!)

  3. Shellena Arrington

    The meeting is open to the public so I will be there. I also have a few people that I know that are planning on being there as well. We are trying to gather as much information as possible so we can try and stop this nonsense.

  4. Shellena Arrington

    Good note from last night’s Okolona Pittie interaction:

    They are trying to get away from the breed specific ordinance and have a registration of all domesticated animals within the city limits. Cost has dropped from $150 a year down to a …$10 registration fee per domesticated animal. This is going to be discussed more in depth in upcoming meetings. These changes are due to the fact of overwhelming support of pitties. They have received numorous emails, calls and comments on this matter which has shed light on the subject that ALL breeds can be dangerous if trained in that manner. They also had a member of the panel supporting our pitties. Thank you all for your support and work towards the survival of our four legged babies. We will keep on this until we know the final judgement.