Buffalo, MO: Resident asks aldermen for breed ban

A resident has asked Buffalo city aldermen for a ban on “pit bulls.” This article describes the incidents that sparked the resident’s request; it seems evident that this is not a “pit bull” problem at all, but rather, a lack of enforcement of current laws.

The aldermen agreed to have the city attorney look into the matter, and may consider an ordinance similar to the one in Springfield, MO—a city that recently touted the “success” of their BSL even though their own statistics clearly show that dog bites have not decreased (and meanwhile, they have killed 1500 dogs simply for looking like “pit bulls”).

Contact information for city officials:
City Hall, 102 N. Poplar, Buffalo, MO 65622
ph: 417-345-2701
fax 417-345-2700
Although there is no email contact, you may fax correspondence to aldermen. Some websites, like FaxZero, offer free online fax services.

Buffalo aldermen asked to ban pit bulls in city limits

Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 11:36 am
Mary Morris marym@buffaloreflex.com

[… Resident Don] Payton addressed the Buffalo Board of Aldermen at its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 9, and asked for an ordinance to prohibit the dogs from being present in the city.

“These dogs are vicious. They’re cruel and they don’t belong in the city of Buffalo,” he said.[…]

Mead and alderman Bob Whetsten said the city may consider alternatives similar to Springfield’s regulations to address breed-specific concerns in Buffalo after consulting with the city attorney. […]

Full article retrieved 1/12/12 from http://buffaloreflex.com/news/buffalo-aldermen-asked-to-ban-pit-bulls-in-city-limits/article_20fa4dac-3c7b-11e1-b32e-001871e3ce6c.html

The Buffalo Reflex has written an editorial opposing a breed ban or breed-specific restrictions: http://buffaloreflex.com/opinion/breed-banning-bites/article_99622eba-3c92-11e1-88ec-0019bb2963f4.html

And there is currently a poll on the homepage of the Buffalo Reflex (and on their Facebook page as well) asking whether aldermen should consider a ban on pit bulls: http://buffaloreflex.com/

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