Dawson, GA: BSL passed

Pit Bull ordinance passed in Dawson

Posted: Jan 13, 2012 12:29 AM CST
By Sharinda Williams

Dawson,GA – […] The Dawson City Council amended the city’s animal control ordinance to add the breed specifically as a potentially dangerous dog.

Owners must now keep the dogs in pens concrete or wire bottoms to keep them from digging out. The dogs must also be muzzled when let out of the cage. […]

Pit bull owners in Dawson have 90 days to insure, Microchip, register their dogs and build those cages.

Full article retrieved 1/13/12 from http://www.walb.com/story/16511885/pit-bull-ordinance-passed-in-dawson

Contact info for city officials:
101 S. Main Street, Dawson, Georgia 39842
Phone:(229) 995-4444
Fax: (229) 995-3713

All alerts for Dawson: http://stopbsl.com/?s=dawson

8 responses to “Dawson, GA: BSL passed

  1. 50% of all dogs that resemble Pit Bull breed that is not!

  2. the phone number listed is not in service i tryed to call to voice my opinion

    • Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I don’t have another phone number for Dawson. That is the only one I could find. Thank you for attempting to contact them!

      If anyone else knows of an alternate number for the city, please post here.

  3. Deborah DeLong

    There are so many LOVING and FRIENDLY pitbull terriers. Do you really think it is fair to limit good owners and good dogs because of a few STUPID owners that allow their dogs to be aggressive. Pitbulls are not even good protection dogs because their nature is to LOVE people!!!!! I cannot imagine a world without our pitbulls and God only know I hope I never have to go through anything like that. Our dogs are part of our family. Lock up the stupid people that don’t raise their dogs right!!!!!!

  4. I live 20 miles from Dawson, Ga. This whole thing has sickened me. Here is a link to our local tv station that has been running the stories. http://www.walb.com We are having a real problem with the BSL legislation in GA. Any help we can get with it, will be greatly appreciated! Here is also a link for the city’s website dawson.georgia.gov

  5. There will be another meeting on Wed at 8:30am – PLEASE plan to attend and be willing to speak calmly to the panel. I am driving 3 hours away from Lawrenceville with a fellow advocate. Surely we can get enough locals to attend an 8:30am meeting!!! PS I am working on putting together a group that will organize to attend all such meetings, follow up, contact the media, and share details with local partners. If you are interested, contact me on FB Johanna Falber-Mcvay. Thanks so much!!!!!