Lake Saint Louis, MO: Council to discuss dog ordinance revisions, Jan 17

Update 1/17/12: The city clerk has sent me the proposal. It no longer contains the problematic language that was causing us concern. Thanks to everyone who wrote the city council and asked them to change the language!

Lake Saint Louis, MO, city council will take up revisions to its vicious animal ordinance during the Jan 17 council meeting at 7:00 PM. We have requested, but not yet received, a copy of the proposed revisions, to see if the proposal has changed at all since the first draft.

One of the proposed revisions was to change the wording slightly, so that officials will be able to consider breed when determining whether or not a dog is “dangerous.” The city council had proposed this change: “In reference to dogs, a dog’s breed shall not be considered the only consideration in determining whether or not it is ‘dangerous.'” The change would effectively allow officials to make subjective guesses about a dog’s possible breed as one piece of “evidence” that a dog is dangerous.

I am not sure if this wording was retained in the final version of the proposal, but until I can find out, I’d rather play it safe. The vicious animal ordinance revisions are on the council meeting agenda for Jan 17 at 7:00 PM. Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the meeting and express their opposition to consideration of breed when establishing whether a dog is dangerous.

1. Bill No. 3213 – An ordinance amending the Municipal Code of the City of Lake Saint Louis, Title II: Public Health Safety and Welfare, Chapter 210: Animal Regulations, Article I. Domestic and Dangerous Animals, deleting Article I in its entirety and enacting a new Article I on the same subject.

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One response to “Lake Saint Louis, MO: Council to discuss dog ordinance revisions, Jan 17

  1. All types of dogs can be vicious, often the way they are raised or trained makes the major difference. It does seem certain breeds seem prone to attacking people. Safety always has to be the the forefront when these type of ordinances are being scrutinized.