Slater, MO update: City to hold another public hearing (possible BSL)

No date has been set for the next public hearing on the city’s proposed animal ordinance revisions. This week’s public hearing featured an excellent presentation against BSL from a veterinarian, but the city’s proposal still contains BSL. Please continue to encourage Slater officials to choose a breed-neutral, non-discriminatory solution.

Contact info for Slater officials:
Slater City Hall, 232 N. Main St., Slater, MO 65349
Ph: 660.529.2271
Fax: 660.529.2593

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Slater anticipates fourth animal ordinance hearing

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Marshall Democrat-News

Two-dozen pictures of pit bull look-a-likes hung on a board at Slater City Hall.

Each dog carried the coloring or stereotypical markings of the animal, but only one tested DNA positive for pit bull blood. Veterinarian Jane Waller failed to identify it by its picture, which represented a portion of the difficulty enforcing breed specific laws. At the Slater animal ordinance hearing on Jan. 18, she cautioned against breed specific legislature. […]

Councilman Terry Jordan closed the meeting by asking that another hearing be arranged. […]

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