Fond du Lac, WI: Whispers of BSL

Update 1/21/12: I have confirmed with Councilman Vande Zande that one of the proposals he intends to introduce is a breed ban with a grandfather clause. No new “pit bulls” will be allowed. Current owners of “pit bulls” will face discriminatory restrictions such as: $300K in liability insurance, special containment requirements, muzzle in public. Vande Zande mentioned that he also plans to introduce a breed-neutral ordinance. Please correspond respectfully with all councilmembers, including Vande Zande, to express your opposition to breed-specific laws and your support for reasonable breed-neutral dog laws.

Fond du Lac Humane Society has advised that city councilman Rob Vande Zande may intend to propose a breed ban or BSL at the next city council meeting: Jan 25, 7:00 PM, Legislative Chambers, 160 South Macy Street, City-County Government Center, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Item 10 on the Jan 25 council agenda is:

Councilperson Vande Zande
Subject: Proposed Dangerous Animal Ordinances

HOWEVER, we have no further details on this issue at this time. As it is now the weekend and city offices are closed, I won’t be able to find out more directly from the city council office for several days.

If you live in or around Fond du Lac, please make every effort to attend this council meeting so that we can determine exactly what Councilman Vande Zande is proposing—and so that you can object to a breed ban or BSL if that is indeed what is discussed.

You may also contact city council and express your opposition to breed-discriminatory laws. Please do so RESPECTFULLY, as we do not know exactly what is being proposed, nor where the rest of the council stands on the issue.

Contact info for city officials (cut and paste):;;;;;;;

Many thanks to Cindi at Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals for passing this on to us!

6 responses to “Fond du Lac, WI: Whispers of BSL

  1. What are these power crazy people on???????? Why do they NOT understand that to BAN a BREED is not the way forward atall!!!!!!! Would they like it if we started doing things like Hitler did to try and get the perfect RACE????? I dont think so!!! So STOP doing it to these poor dogs,who might i add do not want to be dangerous and are not born this way.Can you not realise it is ALL MAN that that has DONE this to DOGS for PLEASURE AND GREED.Go and get all the disgusting people who DOGFIGHT or ABUSE ANIMALS, instead of wasting time and money on the riodiculous BSL proposal,it DOES NOT WORK… YOU ONLY HAVE TO LOOK AT POOR LENNOX IN IRELAND TO REALISE THIS. GO TO @savelennox, power hungry council who have nothing better to do than kill a beautiful American bulldog cross lab that they have kept in the most inhumane disgusting conditions EVER,WHO IS NOW SO DEPRESSED HES ON ANTIDEPRESSENTS HAS SORES ALL OVER HIM AND CUTS,IS THIN,SITS IN SAWDUST IN CONCRETE CELL IN HIS OWN POO AND WEE AND THEYVE KEPT HIM LIKE THIS FOR OVER 20 MONTHS.DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS.ITS DISGUSTING AND BARBARIC AND NOTHING SHORT OF CRIMINAL.HE DID NO WRONG NOR DID HIS FAMILY.SO I URGE YOU,DO NOT BRING THIS LAW IN ANYWHERE ITS A DISGRACE AND NOT NOT NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!!

  2. That’s it exactly! Power-hungry. I have not heard of any recent attacks in the Fond du Lac area, and I live here!

    Since September 1977, the American Temperament Test Society has administered its 12-minute test of how a dog responds to normal stimuli to 30,876 dogs. The average pass rate for all breeds of dog is 83 percent. Lhasa Apsos pass 70.4 percent of the time. Shih tzus pass 83.7 percent of the time. Golden retrievers, 84.9 percent of the time. The standard poodle has passed 86.3 percent of the time. But the pit bull terrier stands a snout above them all, passing the ATTS exam 86.4 percent of the time.

    Instead of a ban, why not classes for dog owners in general? Train the dog the way it is meant to be trained!!

  3. Please sign the petition opposing the Breed Specific Legislation being proposed by Mr. Vande Zande available at Head to Tail. Head to Tail is located next the FIDO Dog Park, under the Johnson Street Bridge at 154 Satterlee Street. They have already collected near 100 signatures… every one signature counts! The Petition will be presented to the City Counsel during the meeting Wednesday January 25th at 7 PM. Lets take a stand!!!

    • This is an outrageous display of poorly educated individuals who obviously have not educated themselves and intend to make the public suffer for their own lack of knowledge. I am outraged by such a proposal. My wife and I have a beautiful red nosed pit and a pit and lab mix and these are the most loving,kind, and beautiful dogs I have ever known. Don’t blame the animals, blame the owners and their own stupidity for not treating these animals the way they deserve to be treated. Each breed of dog has its own special needs, this applies to the pits especially. Don’t buy a dog if you don’t know how to care for it. Any dog of any breed. My wife and myself intend to sign this petition as we live in the area. We will not be effected by it as we do not live in the city, but are against it %100.

  4. Concerned4pets

    It is not the breed of the dog, its the breed of the owner. They don’t outlaw stupid people, so why band a breed of dogs?