Ventura County, CA: Breed-specific MSN proposal to be discussed, Jan 26

Back in August 2011, Ventura County Animal Services director Monica Nolan said she would introduce an ordinance to mandate spay/neuter for all “pit bulls” in the county. A draft proposal will be brought forward for discussion and direction at the next meeting of the Animal Regulation Commission.

The Animal Regulation Commission will meet on January 26 at 9:00 AM at the Camarillo Animal Shelter, 600 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, CA. Click here for the current agenda:
The mandatory “pit bull” spay/neuter proposal is item 4.
Item 5, a discussion about how to reduce shelter killing, increase adoptions, and achieve no-kill status, is another important topic that may affect the commission’s decisions about the BS-MSN proposal.

If you are local to Ventura County, please attend this meeting and show your opposition to breed-specific laws. Remember, breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter (BS-MSN) is breed-specific, and is as flawed, unequal, costly, and subjective as any other law that is based on what a dog “looks like.”

These were the members of the Animal Regulation Commission as of May 2011. Many of the members are councilmembers of the cities within Ventura County. We do not know where they stand on BS-MSN, so please be respectful when you correspond with them.
Kevin Kildee,
Brian Sipes,
Janice Parvin,
Carlon Strobel,
Dr. Irene G. Pinkard,
Jonathan Sharkey,
Rick Cook,
Barbra Williamson,
James Monahan,

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The BS-MSN proposal has not been publicized in the news media for six months, the animal commission hasn’t met for seven months, and the online meeting agenda is difficult to find if you don’t know where to look (or have no reason to look). Due to the lack of official action on this issue since last summer, StopBSL had removed Ventura County from the BSL watchlist.

We sincerely appreciate the contribution of an anonymous site visitor who alerted us to this new meeting information! Ventura County is another case where we are extremely grateful for locals who are able to get us necessary details that we would not get elsewhere.

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