Lima, OH: Council resolution opposes state-level repeal of BSL

The Lima, OH, city dog ordinance defines “pit bulls” as vicious dogs, using the same language that Ohio state law currently uses. Ohio HB 14, which has a good chance of passing, would repeal this breed-specific language in the state law.

However, even if HB 14 were to pass, Lima is under no obligation to repeal their own BSL in their local ordinances. Therefore, Lima council’s newly-passed resolution to oppose HB 14 is entirely unnecessary. They can continue to discriminate against “pit bull” owners within their own city limits, as long as their ordinance remains in place.

One of the councilmembers, Kurt Neeper, sees HB 14 as support for repeal of Lima’s BSL. After all, if the state feels that its breed-specific “vicious dog” definition is not working, Lima’s BSL is probably not working either. Neeper suggests that if HB 14 passes and the state-level BSL is repealed, he will push for Lima to repeal its own BSL. We suspect the rest of the council felt the need to pass a resolution against HB 14 because HB 14’s passage would force Lima council to reconsider the validity of their own discriminatory law.

Lima City Council dogged by pit bull issue

January 23, 2012 9:12 PM
Bart Mills

LIMA — […] Council voted 6-1 to pass a resolution opposing an effort in the state Senate to eliminate dogs belonging “to a breed commonly known as a pit bull dog” from the definition of vicious dog contained in the Ohio Revised Code.

[…] Councilman Kurt Neeper was the sole vote opposing the [resolution]. He said he voted in favor of the city’s current law, but has since studied the issue and changed his mind.[…]

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Please be respectful and informative when writing city officials. Tell them why you support Ohio HB 14 and demonstrate how Lima can become safer and more humane by removing the breed-specific language in the local ordinance.
Contact info for city officials:
Sally Clemans, Council Clerk,
John Nixon, Council President,
Kurt Neeper, (supports repeal of BSL)
Sam McLean,
Jesse Lowe,
Tom Tebben,
Teresa Adams,
Derry Glenn, (419) 221-5107 Option 6
Paige Townsend,
David Adams,

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Lima’s vicious dog ordinance:

Lima was in the news last year because their vicious dog ordinance was causing too much of a burden on the local court system.

Thanks to Amber for the heads up about Lima!

2 responses to “Lima, OH: Council resolution opposes state-level repeal of BSL

  1. THANK YOU for bringing more attention to Lima with this issue. I support House Bill 14 and hope to change the hearts of those council members who vote in opposition.

    I’m a local radio personality in Lima and created a YouTube video to help plead my case to the council. I hope this finds some use for you in our fight:

  2. I wrote to Kurt Neeper from
    Ontario and thanked him
    for his stance.He replied and told me that it was an
    article by an Ontario author
    (Malcolm Gladwell) that had caused him to rethink
    his position on BSL.I also
    sent him a link to Calgary’s
    program.He told me he would have a look at it as the Lima Prop was coming
    back for more discussion.
    People like him are so encouraging to me.