Trail, BC, Canada: Advocates want to repeal BSL

Please respectfully encourage Trail city officials to repeal their long-standing BSL in favor of an effective breed-neutral ordinance.

Trail City Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at Trail City Hall, which is located at 1394 Pine Avenue.

Contact info for city officials:
1394 Pine Ave, Trail, BC V1R 4E6
Fax: 250.364.0830
Mayor and Council E-mail;;;;;;

Trail dog lovers want city to review breed-specific dog bylaw

By Val Rossi – Trail Daily Times
Published: January 19, 2012 4:00 PM

[…] The city’s bylaw introduced in 1999 lumps pitbulls into its vicious dog category, regardless of the animal’s nature, which puts additional requirements on dog owners like ensuring their pet is muzzled off their property.

[…] Davis would like Trail to take a hard look at what cities like Calgary or Delta have in place, where a responsible pet ownership bylaw is taken on. […]

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One response to “Trail, BC, Canada: Advocates want to repeal BSL

  1. I am beside myself. I was advised by the County Clerk days ago that the Attorney was asked to provide their recommendation at the Wednesday meeting, and said it was ‘very unlikely’ that they would even vote on it. She felt as I did, that we had until the next meeting in early March and we were being added to the Agenda. Our new group, Stubby’s Heroes, was preparing to present our case. Instead, I found out today that the Attorney not only had their recommendation, but brought the actual Ordinance. There isn’t even an Animal Control facility. There is only one ACO. This is going to put a huge financial strain on the individuals, the community and the county. Plenty dogs will probably be confiscated and be put down if the owners don’t comply, or the owners will simply let them loose adding to the stray population. If the owners decide to “turn in” their dogs, there is an 82.00 AC pick up fee….The fencing that they are requiring of the dog owners is expensive. It’s just not a fair response to a woman’s request based on a single Pit Bull having hurt or killed either one, or some of her sheep. The County Clerk told me that all emails and correspondence sent to her attention for the Commissioners was forwarded. She gave me the name of the ACO who is looking for PB rescues that she can call on as the future is bleak….a very, very unfortunate turn of events. :(

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