Terrell County, GA reminder: Board will consider breed ban, Feb 1

Residents and locals are encouraged to attend the next Terrell County Board of Commissioners meeting on February 1 at 8:30 AM to voice their opposition to a possible breed ban.

The city of Dawson, GA—the county seat where Terrell County commissioners meet—passed “pit bull” restrictions earlier this month, with very little public opposition or discussion. We feel that the ease with which Dawson passed BSL will encourage Terrell County commissioners to do the same.

Contact info for Terrell County officials
Terrell County Courthouse, 235 E Lee Street, Dawson, GA 39842
P.O. Box 525, Dawson, GA 39842-0525
Phone: (229) 995-4476
Fax:(229) 995-4320
Thanks to Kat for digging up this e-mail address. She was told it is the email for the Commissioners: Beth001@windstream.net

Terrell Commissioners consider ban on Pit Bulls

Posted: Jan 04, 2012 10:35 AM CST
By Ryan Houston

Terrell County, GA – The Terrell County Commissioners is considering a countywide ban on Pit Bulls.[…]

The board will vote on a final ordinance at the next County Commission meeting. The next meeting will take place Wednesday February, 1 at 8:30am.

Full article retrieved 1/4/12 from http://www.walb.com/story/16444612/terrell-county-commissoners-consider-ban-on-pit-bulls

One response to “Terrell County, GA reminder: Board will consider breed ban, Feb 1

  1. First of all is is wrong to judge a dog by the breed they r born. And before u do that ask yourself this do u know the animal if not dont assume they r mean because of how they were born. They never asked to be but what the want is love and to be treated like a child because we do the same thing for them as we do our human children. And just because people out there do bad thing with the dogs u assume everyone else does to. There r way to many animal lovers out there who treat thier dogs as thier child. And some people only have thier dogs. So dont let the bsl law get passed because of some people do the wrong things with the animals and the ones who have had a dog for years and loved them as thier child will be blamed because of the heartless people that dont care. And u need to do more research and u will find that pit bulls are good dogs if raised right. And many have protected thier owner and thier children. So ask yourself would u want your child to die because one kid does something wrong? They deserve the chance to prove they r good and the same goes for the animals to. So thank u for your time and i think that that this phrase will go along. Its not the breed of the dog that counts its how the dog is raised and treated. U show a child love u get love back and the same goes for all the animals to. So give them a chance to get the love they want after all they only want to be loved and u will have a best friend that will protect with thier life and they would die for u in a heartbeat. A dog would not think twice to save thier owner and if thats not loyalty then i dont know what else is. Dogs will be your best friend and love u no matter what u do to them. Its just sad that people abuse them and dont care. Instead of blaming the dog go affer the owners and blame the right one not the wrong ones! REMEBER THE DOG ONLY DOES WHAT THE OWNER WANTS SO IF ITS GOOD THEN U GET GOOD BUT IF IT BAD U GET BAD BACK! sO PUT THE BLAME ON THE IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO DO THE WRONG. THE OWNERS OF THE ANIMALS.