Ohio HB 14 passes Senate

Edit 2/8/12: You are viewing an old post; HB 14 has advanced. View all alerts for HB 14: http://stopbsl.com/?s=ohio+hb+14

Ohio HB 14 has passed the Senate!

Because the bill was amended in the Senate committee, HB 14 now goes back to the House (or a conference committee) so that the House can approve the amendments. If and when the House approves the Senate version, the bill will go to the governor.

We do not know at this time where the bill is going to land in the House. However, you may wish to contact the governor, in anticipation of the bill reaching his desk, and ask him to sign HB 14 into law: http://governor.ohio.gov/Contact/ContacttheGovernor.aspx

Wondering how your Senator voted on HB 14?
The Senate vote was 27-5.
Voted FOR HB 14: Balderson, Brown, Burke, Cafaro, Coley, Eklund, Faber, Gentile, Hite, Jones, Jordan, Kearney, LaRose, Lehner, Manning, Obhof, Oelslager, Sawyer, Schiavoni, Seitz, Skindell, Smith, Tavares, Turner, Wagoner, Widener, Niehaus.
Voted AGAINST HB 14: Bacon, Beagle, Hughes, Patton, and Schaffer.

Wondering how your House Representative voted on HB 14?
The House vote was 69-29.
Voted FOR HB 14: Adams R., Amstutz, Ashford, Balderson, Beck, Blair, Blessing, Brenner, Bubp, Budish, Burke, Butler, Carey, Celeste, Combs, Conditt, Damschroder, Derickson, Dovilla, Duffey, Fedor, Fende, Gardner, Garland,Gentile, Gerberry, Gonzales, Goodwin, Goyal, Grossman, Hackett, Hagan C., Hayes, Hottinger, Huffman, Johnson, Kozlowski, Landis, Letson, Luckie, Lundy, Maag, Mallory, McClain, McGregor, McKenney, Milkovich, Murray, O’Brien, Okey, Patmon, Peterson, Phillips, Pillich, Rosenberger, Ruhl, Schuring, Sears, Slaby, Sprague, Stautberg, Stebelton, Stinziano, Szollosi, Uecker, Wachtmann, Winburn, Young, Batchelder
Voted AGAINST HB 14: Adams J., Anielski, Antonio, Baker, Barnes, Boose, Buchy, Carney, Clyde, DeGeeter, Driehaus, Foley, Hagan R., Hall, Heard, Henne, Hollington, Martin, Mecklenborg, Newbold, Ramos, Reece, Roegner, Slesnick, Sykes, Thompson, Weddington, Williams, Yuko

Tracking page for OH HB 14: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_HB_14

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10 responses to “Ohio HB 14 passes Senate

  1. What do you mean “We do not know at this time where the bill is going to land in the House”? What if it doesn’t? Does it just go to the wayside?

    • No, it won’t fall into a black hole or anything. It will definitely move, and probably already has, I just don’t know where because the info wasn’t made public. The process has information time lags. I got the info about the Senate vote, but the person who is responsible for issuing the “next step” information hasn’t done so yet. They will probably get that info out in the next day or so, and I will update when I find out.

    • Now at 84% of the Ohio Senate has voted FOR H.B.14, it will either go to the full House or a House Conference committee. No wayside. Since 70% of the House has previously voted FOR H.B.14, and it has been improved by several minor amendments (one was suggested by the Governor). It may pass the House again by an even greater percentage. After the Governor signs it, then the real work begins – going after all the communities with their individual BSL in Ohio. The passage of H.B.14 will make that a bit easier, hopefully.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the response. My city, Newark, is a pain. I have been trying to get them to lighten the rules for years and they won’t even though pit bull type dogs, according to the county health department, do not bite more than any other dog. Actually less. I’d love to help get city ordinances fixed. I’m treated like a criminal even when my dog has never bitten anyone, barked at anyone, or gotten lose. Not to mention, I’ve never had a single complaint about my dog, yet I have to jump through hoops simply because my dog looks a certain way, while the rest of the city are walking their dogs without leash’s, without tags, etc.

    Thanks again

  3. does anyone know approximately how long this process will take before the amendments to HB14 become law?

    • H.B.14 passed the House today. We are now just waiting on the Governor’s signature. That should happen within the next 2 weeks. YEAH!!

    • I think you’re confusing a couple different things here… HB 14 is not a law. It’s a proposed law–a bill. HB 14 was changed slightly (amended) by the Senate. The amendments to HB 14 don’t run separately from HB 14. It all travels together as a package. As long as it is called HB 14, it is still a proposal and no part of it is a law.

      The House hasn’t seen the changes (amendments) that the Senate made to HB 14. Bills do not pass unless both the House and the Senate agree on one version. So the House must vote on the new version of HB 14. Somewhere between one week to one month from now, HB 14 will get out of the House. This happened today!

      Then it will be sent to the governor for his signature.

      The governor must sign all the bills sent to him by a certain date. I think that date is in June some time. If and when HB 14 is signed by the governor, then it becomes part of Ohio state law. It is not called HB 14 anymore–it will be given a new name so that it fits into the labeling system given to state laws.

      I expect the bill to be on the governor’s desk in a few weeks at the most, and for him to sign it shortly thereafter. So HB 14 should become a law within a month within a couple weeks. However, if any part of the process takes longer than expected, it could possibly take until June for all the steps to be complete.

      I hope this has addressed the timeline that you were interested in.

  4. After the Governor’s signature H.B. 14 goes into effect within the next 90 days.

  5. If Kasich does not sign or veto the bill within 10 days of receiving it, the bill is automatically accepted into law, and becomes official after 90 days!!! I think he will sign it as some of the proposed changes entailed within the bill are from him personally!

    • We just heard that Kasich plans to sign the bill next Tuesday! If I get more details, I will post them.