Terrell County, GA: Commissioners pass BSL

Terrell County commissioners voted to approve BSL; “pit bulls” are now considered “potentially dangerous” dogs. Owners of potentially dangerous dogs must comply with a number of restrictions. This is basically the same ordinance that passed in the city of Dawson.

The ordinances for both city of Dawson and Terrell County may be read here (PDF):
Dawson and Terrell County Ordinances

Contact info for Terrell County officials
Terrell County Courthouse, 235 E Lee Street, Dawson, GA 39842
P.O. Box 525, Dawson, GA 39842-0525
Phone: (229) 995-4476
Fax:(229) 995-4320
County Clerk: Beth001@windstream.net

[Note: Obviously, the title of the below news article is sensational rather than realistic.]

Pit Bulls may be a breed of the past in Terrell County

by Ashley Knight
Posted: 02.01.2012 at 10:36 AM

TERRELL COUNTY, GA — Terrell County unanimously passed an ordinance that includes pit bulls in their “Dangerous Dogs” ordinance.

The ordinance calls for keeping the dogs in a 10X10 enclosure, keeping the dog on a leash when it’s outside the enclosure as well as muzzled. […]

Full article retrieved 2/2/12 from http://www.mysouthwestga.com/news/story.aspx?id=714374#.TyqzPlz2ZpV


6 responses to “Terrell County, GA: Commissioners pass BSL

  1. BSL is the most ridiculous law that anyone could come up with.When will goverment bodies and people in power get the fact that,this will not work? You need to sort out the people who use and abuse these dogs not the innocent pitbulls,who might i add, are one of the most loyal dogs you will probably encounter!It’s so easy to just ban a breed than to tackle the real problem,which is the scum that use such breed of dogs for fighting or status…. No dog wants to fight, or be aggressive,you are just banning them because its easier to ban than tackle the real problem. You need to seriously look at this.It will never work BSL because it is not the answer.You need to sort the wider issues and not take it out on the dog because of what you deem it to be like!

  2. Really!!!!!!!!!! We need to put a muzzle on the lawmakers and keep them in a 10×10 cage and see how they like.

  3. —Comment left on wrong post–moved here by StopBSL—-
    Submitted on 2012/02/02 at 12:45 pm

    I am beside myself. I was advised by the County Clerk days ago that the Attorney was asked to provide their recommendation at the Wednesday meeting, and said it was ‘very unlikely’ that they would even vote on it. She felt as I did, that we had until the next meeting in early March and we were being added to the Agenda. Our new group, Stubby’s Heroes, was preparing to present our case. Instead, I found out today that the Attorney not only had their recommendation, but brought the actual Ordinance. There isn’t even an Animal Control facility. There is only one ACO. This is going to put a huge financial strain on the individuals, the community and the county. Plenty dogs will probably be confiscated and be put down if the owners don’t comply, or the owners will simply let them loose adding to the stray population. If the owners decide to “turn in” their dogs, there is an 82.00 AC pick up fee….The fencing that they are requiring of the dog owners is expensive. It’s just not a fair response to a woman’s request based on a single Pit Bull having hurt or killed either one, or some of her sheep. The County Clerk told me that all emails and correspondence sent to her attention for the Commissioners was forwarded. She gave me the name of the ACO who is looking for PB rescues that she can call on as the future is bleak….a very, very unfortunate turn of events. :(

  4. Was the Community aware?
    The sheep owner gave a interview and gave the sad, old, response, that the media is responsible for in the first place. She stated something to the tune of – Just wanted to save people- You know they mostly attack Elderly and Children! What a load of crap! The media had the choice to edit that out, but that stuff only fuels more ratings along the way, so why would they!
    So, why a 8 foot high kennel. Standard kennels only go as high as 6 foot, and a 10x10x6 with top and bottom will cost upwards of $2000. I’m thinking they put that requirement there, so their only recourse is to euthanize all Pibbles, and look a likes, etc. How much ya wanna bet the euthanasia will be in the utmost Inhumane manner due to the cost!

  5. What steps do we take to stop this action?

    • The ordinance has already passed. At this point, the commissioners would need to take steps to repeal the BSL. It will probably require an organized group of locals that are willing to approach the commissioners and ask for repeal–persistently, repeatedly, and respectfully.