Shreve, OH considers BSL repeal

Shreve, OH, may soon repeal their BSL, thanks to a local’s efforts. The village council, with the encouragement of the police chief, have agreed to repeal their BSL when HB 14 passes.

We would like to keep things low-key and encouraging. If you contact city officials, please THANK them for being leaders in the movement toward modern, effective dog laws and away from breed-specific laws.
Contact page for Shreve:
Please keep correspondence brief and positive. We don’t want to overwhelm them and potentially upset them.

Many communities instituted BSL years ago simply because the state did it. In fact, a large number of municipalities copied the state vicious dog law directly into their own ordinances, BSL and all. The success of HB 14 has sent a strong message to OH municipalities: the state’s BSL has been a failure and there are better options out there. We expect to see many more municipalities in Ohio re-think their BSL when the state law changes.

Many thanks to Robin for letting us know!

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