West Virginia HB 4432 would prohibit breed discrimination by property insurance co

Update 5/28/12: The legislative session is over and this bill is dead.

Filed this week in West Virginia, HB 4432 is a very simple bill that would prohibit declination or termination of property insurance based solely upon a home owner’s possession of a certain breed of dog. The bill does not prohibit insurers from denying coverage for any dog that has actually bitten.

Some people have had difficulty finding a place to live with their pet dog, even if it’s well-trained and well-behaved, because it looks like a breed that the property insurance company prohibits. HB 4432 would make it possible for people to get property insurance no matter what their dog looks like. However, bills like HB 4432 can be a hard sell; insurance companies have a lot of money and influence, and they don’t like being told to stop discriminating.

With things going well for BSL repeals in Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere, we feel that with enough public support, WV HB 4432 has potential to succeed.

HB 4432 has been moved to the House Banking and Insurance committee. It is not on the agenda yet. Please write the following committee members and ask them to support HB 4432.
clif.moore@wvhouse.gov; d.perry@wvhouse.gov; delegatedoug@yahoo.com; daniel.hall@wvhouse.gov; tom.azinger@wvhouse.gov; bob.ashley@wvhouse.gov; jonathan@delegatejmiller.com; ron.walters@wvhouse.gov; sam.cann@wvhouse.gov; ryan.ferns@wvhouse.gov; ron.fragale@wvhouse.gov; john.frazier@wvhouse.gov; bill.hartman@wvhouse.gov; mhunt@markahunt.com; richard.iaquinta@wvhouse.gov; virginia.mahan@wvhouse.gov; tmanchin@manchininjurylaw.com; harold@hardynet.com; delegatejim@aol.com; stan.shaver@wvhouse.gov; david.walker@wvhouse.gov; mitch.carmichael@wvhouse.gov; nelson@wvhouse.gov; john.oneal@wvhouse.gov; brian.savilla@wvhouse.gov

Read the text of WV HB 4432: http://www.legis.state.wv.us/Bill_Status/bills_text.cfm?billdoc=hb4432%20intr.htm&yr=2012&sesstype=RS&i=4432

All alerts for HB 4432: http://stopbsl.com/?s=WV+HB+4432

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