Dunn, NC: Breed ban off the table

Dunn city council has decided against a “pit bull” ban proposed by the Dunn police chief. They do intend to examine their current ordinances and see where improvements can be made.

The problems that have been brought up by the police chief sound less like vicious dog problems and much more like issues of neglect, abuse, and irresponsible owners.

Although a breed ban may be off the table in Dunn, the community still has a problem that needs addressing. Residents and locals, please work with the city to create reasonable breed-neutral initiatives to help Dunn become safer, smarter, and more humane.

Online contact form for City of Dunn: http://www.dunn-nc.org/contact-dunn-nc-226.asp
City of Dunn, P.O. Box 1065, Dunn, NC 28335
phone (910) 230-3500
fax (910) 230-3590
City council email block:
oharris@onhacpa.com; bmaness@onhacpa.com; crobinson156@nc.rr.com; galbr005@mc.duke.edu; brasslantern@earthlink.net; cturnage11@nc.rr.com;

News article with more details about the “vicious dog problem” in Dunn:

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