Terrell County, GA: Results of BSL

Terrell County, GA, passed BSL in February (all “pit bulls” are “potentially dangerous” and subject to restrictions) and already they are seeing some negative results.

Now might be a good time to suggest that commissioners repeal the BSL they passed so hastily and without much discussion.
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Digging Deeper: Terrell County gets national help for pits

Posted: Mar 07, 2012 5:08 PM CST

By Jennifer Emert

Terrell County, GA – […] Their current shelter is full and Animal Control is getting more calls about stray dogs especially pit bulls.

They believe people are setting the dogs free to avoid steep fees when a new dangerous dog ordinance takes effect next month.

Terrell County Animal Control just created a Facebook page. The County has been inundated with pit bull mix dogs, either abandoned as a result of the new dangerous dog ordinance or in taken from owners who broke the law.

“When you turn loose all the dogs in this county you know we’re going to have people calling and complaining and a lawsuit will follow right behind it,” said Wilbur Gamble Jr., Terrell County Commission Chairman. […]

Full article retrieved 3/8/12 from http://www.walb.com/story/17105240/digging-deeper-terrell-county-gets-national-help-for-pits

One response to “Terrell County, GA: Results of BSL

  1. My word, what is it with you officials??? pit-bulls or type are no more dangerous than a chihauhau .. Any breed of dog,can be bad in the wrong hands,to persecute a breed because of what man does,you are no better than the scum who abuse the breed in the first place…The answer is not the BSL atall, can you not see that….By doing this, you will end up banning more and more dogs because you have not tackled the real problem and that is man who chosses to use and abuse these dogs for their own self gain….Don’t you people get that!! Get rid of all the scum that train and fight these beautiful dogs for thier own gain,its right under your nose and you do nothing about the savage torture of these dogs your answer’oh lets just kill them all’!!! Oh dear ,when will man learn to respect all life….You have gone too far,no wonder this planet is on its last legs…Just pure greed and self gain….TACKLE THE REAL PROBLEM……MAN…. BUT THEN OFCOURSE YOU THINK YOU ARE THE SUPERIOR RACE… GOT NEWS FOR YOU.YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!