Florida legislative session over, HB 997 / SB 1322 dead

The Florida legislature wrapped up on March 9. HB 997 / SB 1322, which would have repealed Miami-Dade’s breed ban, did not make it. HB 997 was waiting on a second hearing, and SB 1322 was stuck in a subcommittee.

However, hope is not lost for Miami-Dade. Florida residents, and Miami-Dade residents in particular, can continue to work for repeal of the county’s breed ban in several ways.

Ask Miami-Dade county commissioners to repeal the breed ban. Of course, people have already asked the commissioners to repeal the breed ban, and they’ve flatly refused (which is why HB 997 came to be in the first place). But commissioners have recently suggested putting the breed ban to a public vote. Also, election times give residents the opportunity to remove pro-ban commissioners and vote repeal-oriented commissioners in.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner email block
district1@miamidade.gov; district2@miamidade.gov; district3@miamidade.gov; district4@miamidade.gov; district5@miamidade.gov; district6@miamidade.gov; district7@miamidade.gov; district8@miamidade.gov; district9@miamidade.gov; district10@miamidade.gov; district11@miamidade.gov; district12@miamidade.gov; district13@miamidade.gov;

Ask your Florida legislator to re-file or co-sponsor HB 997 / SB 1322 in the next legislative session. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get a law passed. (Just ask Ohio!)

Contact your State Representative and Senator

Join the Miami Coalition Against Breed-Specific Legislation to keep up with efforts to repeal Miami-Dade’s BSL: http://www.mcabsl.wildapricot.org/

9 responses to “Florida legislative session over, HB 997 / SB 1322 dead

  1. selwyn marock

    You are correct on one point,VOTE these neo-Nazi Commisioners out of power,start campaigns against them,attract Decent Human Beings to stand against them.
    These Scumbags are playing both sides against the middle.VOTE THEM OUT,They are not sure of the Stupid-Mass Vote,and how well they have Brainwashed them.
    It is the only way.
    BSL is Evil.

  2. So true. I am from UK where there is also a BSL law which is just ridiculous. Police taking peoples family dogs because they dont like the way they look.Its all so wrong and reminds me of Hitler and what he was trying to do to the jewish people…Wrong,very wrong. I really dont know who these goverment officials think they are… They are wrong and this law will always be wrong. It is nothing short of murder ,murder of an innocent animal…. and all this for self gain,because it makes them feel powerful….. when in actual fact they are just plane cruel!!!! can u imagine if they did that to people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now theres a hole other story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BSL IS CRAP DONT YOU PEOPLE GET THAT YOU ARE INSANE AND TWISTED!!

  3. Psy PIT Bulle i inne, nawet w 0,05% nie są tak okrutni jak ludzie. Za wypadek samochodowy odpowiada kierowca, czy marka samochodu ? To jest takie proste. Tylko mało wykształceni tego nie rozumieją.

  4. Pit Bull Dogs and other, even at 0.05% is not as cruel as men. For the corresponding driver in a car accident or car brand? It is that simple. Only a few educated do not understand.

  5. Reblogged this on For The Love of My Dogs and commented:
    For now, Miami-Dade’s Pit Bull ban is here to stay. Thank you to J. Thomas of http://stopbsl.com for providing this informative post and sharing ways we can get involved to continue the fight to repeal Miami-Dade’s BSL law.

    • selwyn marock

      I will repeat myself,there is only one way that BSL will go away in Miami-Dade,and that is to Vote out these County-commissioners that are blocking it for political reasons.They do not give a continemtal damn about public safety they are more concerned about getting bounced off the Gravy-Train
      Find Candidates to oppose them in the next election and let them know this is being done..

    • I totally agree with you. No educated person who looks at all the facts about BSL could honestly say it is an effective, good law. Sen. Chris Smith especially needs to go, his speech about “rockweilders” was ridiculous.

    • selwyn marock

      Agreed but now get a Decent Human Being to stand against Smith irrespective of him or her being Democrat or Republican,ideally an Independant ,Animal Welfare must give support and let Smith know that all trying to get him removed,he will probably start loving Pits.
      The only thing the neo-Nazis iCounty Commissioners are frightened of ,is losing the” Stupid Mass Voters” the ones that they have been brainwashing all these years.

  6. It’s important that people be educated and involved. Sadly many people wait for someone else to do the work, and then they wonder why laws like this get passed in the first place. We all have to be diligent.