Portsmouth, OH: City to consider BSL, March 12

Portsmouth, OH, is rewriting their vicious dog ordinance. The current proposal is breed-specific. “Pit bull” owners will have to meet several special requirements, such as liability insurance.

The city council will discuss the proposal during the March 12 meeting.

Please RESPECTFULLY contact Portsmouth city officials and remind them that breed-specific laws don’t improve public safety, are expensive, and are unjust. Provide alternative breed-neutral vicious dog laws for their consideration. Ask Portsmouth officials to remove the breed-specific language from their proposal.**

**Folks, if you can’t keep your email respectful and informative, please don’t send an email at all. Rude, disrespectful emails do not inspire city officials to listen to us or treat us with respect.

City council email block (NOTE: one councilmember does not have email):
kwwj@roadrunner.com; rich@saddler.me; jkalb@roadrunner.com; ii6svvh@yahoo.com; ssturgill@zoomnet.net; TNathan@portsmouthoh.org; dmalone@portsmouthoh.org; andrew.gedeon@odh.ohio.gov

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