Avon Lake, OH: City to repeal BSL

Here’s another city revising their dog ordinance for the better, thanks to Ohio HB 14. Avon Lake’s definition of “vicious dog” mirrors that of the old state law—to include “pit bulls.” They intend to replace their current law with something breed-neutral and more similar to the new state law.

Please THANK city council for a good decision.
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Avon Lake to update vicious dog law without breed-specific language

By Bryan Wroten

Now that the state of Ohio no longer designates dogs that fall into the pit bull category as dangerous, the city of Avon Lake is ready to revise its own vicious-dog ordinance.

“What we’re doing is, we’re going to pick up today where we left off three years ago,” Ward 4 Councilman and Safety Committee Chairman Dave Kos said. […]

“The committee will propose we adopt state legislation into the local legislation, removing the vicious label, and put other common-sense suggestions into the new vicious-dog ordinance,” Kos said.

[…] The Safety Committee will discuss it again at its next meeting to wrap up some modifications, Kos said, and then council will hold three readings of the ordinance before passing it in the late spring. […]

Full article retrieved 3/12/12 from http://2presspapers.northcoastnow.com/avon-lake-to-update-vicious-dog-law-without-breed-specific-language/

2 responses to “Avon Lake, OH: City to repeal BSL

  1. Thank the LORD at last people are seeing sense… its the DEED NOT THE BREED!!!!

  2. selwyn marock

    Good News is always WELCOME.Hitler is DYING at last.