Buffalo, MO update: City will not pursue breed ban

Many thanks to Jodi for checking up on Buffalo, MO!

I received the following news snippet this morning (the entire article is available to subscribers only):

Mayor Mead says he’s against banning pit bulls in the city

By Paul Campbell paulc@buffaloreflex.com | Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 7:28 pm

After doing some research on the subject, Buffalo Mayor Andrew Mead has decided he is against banning pit bulls in the city.

Speaking during the “mayor’s comments” portion of the regular monthly meeting of the Buffalo Board of Aldermen Monday night, he said such a policy might be unconstitutional. He added that vicious behavior is not the dog’s fault, but the fault of the owner because of mistreatment or lack of training.

I just got off the phone with the city clerk for clarification on this issue. She said the city already has a mechanism in place to handle vicious dogs, and the city is not moving forward with any type of breed specific ordinance.  She advised that a few months ago a resident had requested the city ban pit bulls after an incident.  However, the animal control officer said she never got a call about the incident and, therefore, was unable to respond to it.  The city can’t respond to resident complaints if they are not aware of the complaint.  She further advised that after researching the issue indepth, the mayor used the last Board meeting to convey that a breed ban wasn’t something the city was going to consider.

Please THANK city officials for deciding against BSL.
Contact information for city officials:
City Hall, 102 N. Poplar, Buffalo, MO 65622
ph: 417-345-2701
fax 417-345-2700
Although there is no email contact, you may fax correspondence to aldermen. Some websites, like FaxZero, offer free online fax services.

All alerts for Buffalo, MO: http://stopbsl.com/?s=buffalo%2C+mo

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