Waterbury, CT: Aldermen will consider dog ordinance changes (possible BSL)

Resident Paul Poidomani’s mother was attacked by loose dogs described as “pit bulls,” and now city aldermen are thinking about making changes to their dog ordinance. View current Waterbury animal ordinances here.

Poidomani has suggested some kind of BSL for “pit bull” owners. Alderman Ernest Brunelli, a family friend, intends to bring ordinance revisions forward in April, but it’s unclear whether those revisions will be breed-specific or breed-neutral.

Residents and locals, please speak up against breed-specific laws as the city mulls dog ordinance revisions. Also, offer reasonable breed-neutral alternatives. Please do so with respect and civility—please DO NOT correspond if you cannot remain polite.

City Alderman email block:
ppernerewski@comcast.net; tpicjr2000@yahoo.com; AldermanHadley@waterburyct.org; App143@aol.com; brunelli_ernest_j@sbcglobal.net; aldermannapoli@waterburyct.org; jbeg32@att.net; rmulcahy13@live.com; AlderwomanMargiotta@waterburyct.org; AldermanPalladino@waterburyct.org; AldermanLuedke@waterburyct.org; fburgiot@aol.com; AldermanNoujaim@waterburyct.org; townplotter@aol.com; steven.giacomi@gmail.com

Please note, contrary to the news report below, Poidomani is NOT a city alderman.

Son of pitbull attack victim wants change

Updated: Thursday, 22 Mar 2012, 11:10 PM EDT
Erin Logan

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — […] [Paul Poidomani] wants stricter rules for pitbull owners. […]

Alderman Ernest Brunelli doesn’t want to ban pitbulls completely, but he does want owners to understand the responsibilities of having pitbulls as pets. […] “I want to stiffen the penalties, and make sure every dog is vaccinated and insured.”

Brunelli will bring his proposed changes before the Aldermen sometime in April. He is hoping for a public hearing.

Full article retrieved 3/24/12 from http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/news/new_haven_cty/son-of-pitbull-attack-victim-wants-change


4 responses to “Waterbury, CT: Aldermen will consider dog ordinance changes (possible BSL)

  1. This doesnt explain much I would like to see a detailed list of the proposed changes sounds like breed profiling which can be detrimental to those decent Pitbull owners who have loving dogs as family members but as usual will do nothing to affect the scumbag drug dealing , dog fighting scourge of our society. Perhaps the Alderman would be better served by helping to pass laws which focus on getting this digusting excuses for human beings out of our communities and stop making it a about the dogs who were probably taught by these human pigs to be mean

  2. Kay Riviello NY-ARAA

    For responsible journalism, we really should have a direct quote from the alderman. We are contacting the alderman to obtain his specific statements and intent with regard to any future legislation regarding dogs. We are ALREADY appearing before the City Council for their abhorrent treatment of animals at the Waterbury Animal Control on April 9th for a protest regarding their “quarantines” of healthy animals. Please join us, wear red, be there at 5pm, the city council meeting starts at 7pm where we will be presenting public comment. Kay Riviello (845) 856-7366, Co-Founder, New York Animal Rights Alliance America.

    • We inquired with Alderman Brunelli as to whether his proposal would be breed-specific, and received the following somewhat vague response from him this morning:

      First of all,I am a dog lover.I want all dogs protected and want the owners held accountable for their pets actions.The ordinance will be designed to look at dogs who are used to attack and untrained or uncontrolled. This can include any large breed dog capable of causing serious injuries. The good pets and responsible owners have nothing to worry about. I will contact you with updates. Again thanks for your interest

      As he does not exactly say whether or not he intends to pursue something breed-specific, we suggest that locals continue to communicate respectfully with city officials to ensure that they are aware that BSL is not an acceptable solution.

  3. Maybe I’m gonna catch heck for this but why not start by having the Waterbury PD when they see someone with a dog ANY DOG to stop them and inquire as to the licencing of the animal and proof of shot records. Sure it’s a pain in the arse but what better way to make sure these dogs are being taken care of properly. Just a thought.