Elephant Butte, NM: BSL passed

In January, Elephant Butte, NM, passed a law that discriminates against all “pit bull,” German Shepherd, and Rottweiler owners. This includes any mixed-breed dog that is at least one-half of these breeds, and any dog that displays “distinguishing physical characteristics” of any of these breeds.

“Pit bull” includes American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and miniature bull terrier (not sure why standard Bull Terriers are not included).

Owners of these breeds and mixes must follow a laundry list of restrictions, including liability insurance, special containment, and special registration. If you are found in violation of the ordinance, the city will kill your dog.

The ordinance further states that the city will post an announcement that encourages residents to turn in other residents who they think might be violating the ordinance, as such: “If you or your family is at risk because someone living near you illegally keeps a pit bull dog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or Canine Hybrid, contact the City Code Enforcement Officer.”

Read the full ordinance, if you dare. The first five pages cover the breed definitions, and various breed-discriminatory restrictions can be found on page 8, 12, and 15-20.  http://cityofelephantbutte.com/images/pdfs/city-ord/20120104-Ord-131-Animal-Control-Ordinance.pdf

The ordinance went into effect on March 1. This is the first time we’ve heard of it, but Elephant Butte is a very small community.

Contact info for Elephant Butte officials:
mayor@cityofelephantbutte.com; alan.brown@cityofelephantbutte.com; kim.skinner@cityofelephantbutte.com; gerald.lafont@cityofelephantbutte.com; sarah.stagner@cityofelephantbutte.com; citymanager@cityofelephantbutte.com

City Requires $100K Insurance For Pit Bulls

Rottweilers, German Shepherds Also Must Be Insured

POSTED: 8:38 am MDT March 26, 2012

ELEPHANT BUTTE, N.M. — One New Mexico town is requiring owners of pit bulls, rottweilers and German shepherds to get special liability insurance. […]

But as of March 1, pit bulls, rottweilers and German shepherds are considered potentially dangerous dogs by the city of Elephant Butte. Anyone with those breeds now has 90 days to insure their dogs for $100,000 worth of personal property liability. […]

Full article retrieved 3/26/12 from http://www.koat.com/news/30760663/detail.html

4 responses to “Elephant Butte, NM: BSL passed

  1. just disgraceful…man is sick and ignorant…

  2. Frank Parker

    Though I have none of the breeds, I will not ever live, visit, or even pass through this place.

  3. Henry Fitzpatrick

    Sieg Heil!l!

  4. I think this is how they are going to get it passed in the state-small town by small town. It breaks my heart to live in such an ignorant state.