Malden, MA: Council to hear from committee recommending BSL, March 27

Last week, the Malden, MA, Ordinance Committee unanimously approved an ordinance that would define all “pit bulls” as “dangerous dogs.” This would subject owners of dogs that look like “pit bulls” to various restrictions.

The proposal can be read here: Malden, MA Proposed BSL 3-26-12

The Ordinance Committee will report to the full council during the council meeting on March 27, 7:00 PM, at the Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant St. Agenda.

Residents and locals, you must speak up to stop Malden from passing BSL! Please respectfully ask Malden city officials not to pass an ordinance that discriminates against people based on what their dog looks like.

Contact info for Malden, MA city officials
200 Pleasant Street, Room 609, Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: (781) 397-7130
Fax: (781) 397-7004

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3 responses to “Malden, MA: Council to hear from committee recommending BSL, March 27

  1. BSL does not work……..if you kill all the PitBulls,the “Bad Owners” will use another breed!!It’s been said before,1st it was the German Shephards,then it was the Dobermans,then it was the Rotties,and now it’s the PitBulls………….it’s the PitBulls because there is No tougher,more tenacious,better built dog in existance!!!!But the PitBull does not inherently like to fight,Bad owners use and abuse them in every sick fashion imaginable,especially dog-fighting because they are so willing to please their master,that they will die to do it………….Yes a PitBull in the hands of people like these can be dangerous,but ALL dogs brought up in the wrong environment can inflict serious physical damage,do not fool yourself that it is only the PitBull,ANY dog can be Dangerous!!!!!PLEASE RECONSIDER the BSL!!!

  2. How is this for a solution, instead of putting down the dogs, we put down the owners. The world would be such a better place if we eliminated all of the bad dog owners, felons, deadbeat parents, etc. But that will never happen in the land of the Kennedy’s, Barney Frank, John Kerry. Mass doesn’t even put down people that kill other people.

  3. Studies have shown that a dogs aggression is determined by its owner it is not determined by the breed of dog. Judging an animal for the neglect & abuse inflicted by man is irresponsible and it does nothing to address the real problem, there is no evidence that shows that dog bites have decreased anywhere that BSL has been instated actually after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars dog bites have actually gone up in some places. BSL only effects the responsible owner and their good dogs because the criminal and irresponsible owners have never followed the rules before what makes you think they will start now

    Instead of passing a ordnance against just one breed there should be new rules for all dogs over 25 lbs, start with large fines for unregistered or unleashed Im talking like1000.00 dollars for first offense go up to 2000.00 second and if their is a third you confiscate their dog this way instead of spending thousands on a law that has been proven ineffective across the country you will pass a law that will generate money for the city .

    Now people must register their dogs or they will lose them so now when they register their dogs you make it mandatory that their dog be present that way a dog can be evaluated as a individual and held accountable for their own actions. I own two Pitbulls and have owned this breed for 27 years & have never had any complaints on aggression maybe a couple cause of barking once or twice but never any bites .

    BSL is unfair because the good pay for the actions of the bad
    There has been a rise in bites by Pitbull’s over the last ten years but that is because they are the most abused dog in the country dog fighting alone makes them the most exploited . If you visit any shelter in the state they are forty to sixty percent pitbull terriers and its not cause of aggression its starvation neglect and the fact that there is such a stereo type with these dogs that people can’t find a place to live with them.

    Along with owning them for decades I also work with a couple of rescue groups and have been around thousands of Pitbulls and they are no more aggressive than any other breed that come through the shelters and they are ten times more abused. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty with BSL your not even guilty until proven innocent your guilty and cant be proven innocent how is that fair. I understand bite numbers have gone up but you have to remember there are about three million pitbulls in this country with a couple hundred thousand abused and still 99.9 percent never bite anyone does that sound like a problem breed ,everything they have ever done like fighting bull baiting & defending criminals has all been in the service of man.
    If we got rid of all Pitbulls tomorrow these problem owners would just victimize another breed & we will be right back where we started.