Bloomer, WI: City amends breed ban

Bloomer, WI, city council has amended their “pit bull” ban to allow “pit bulls” that have been obtained from a humane society AND “approved” (unclear what approved means) by a veterinarian.

It looks like Bloomer council might come back to this issue in the future, to address the breed-specific muzzle requirement. Please respectfully urge Bloomer to repeal their breed-discriminatory restrictions altogether.

City Hall, 1503 Main Street, Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
You can email the city clerk at, and request that she distribute your correspondence to the city council.

Bloomer council makes pit bull exception

By ALICIA YAGER | | Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:14 am |

A pit bull obtained through a humane society and approved by a veterinarian will be allowed to live in Bloomer, under an amended city ordinance.

The Bloomer City Council voted Wednesday night to amend its current ban on pit bulls, with council member Richard Hofmann voting against.

[…] There was little council discussion on the amendment before it passed, but more questions arose over whether to remove a muzzle requirement for walking a pit bull.

[… Resident] Eric Stone wondered why the city would not make a requirement for all dogs to be muzzled, and not just restrict pit bulls. Council member Jim Koehler agreed, via telephone, and raised the point that other breeds of dog can be aggressive and bite people.

[…] Koehler motioned to remove the muzzle requirement, and he and Meinen voted in favor. However, Hofmann and council member Jeff Steinmetz voted against the change, and Mayor Randy Summerfield broke the tie by voting against. […]

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  1. It’s not perfect…but it’s a step in the right direction :0)