Ventura County, CA: Port Hueneme, Moorpark, Camarillo consider BS-MSN

The Ventura County Animal Regulation Commission wants to pass a breed-discriminatory mandatory spay/neuter law that would only apply to owners of dogs with a “pit bull” appearance. To do this, the county wants buy-in from all of its cities.

We appreciate this excellent letter from P.A.P.A Director / S.P.A.R.C President Diane Rowley Van Sickle (from Simi Valley 3-26-12 council packet). The letter clearly outlines the problems with BS-MSN and specific reasons why it’s unlikely to be effective in Ventura County.

Of all the solid points Van Sickle makes in her letter, the most interesting is that the shelter currently has a discriminatory adoption policy that makes “pit bull” adoption a real hassle. The shelter is therefore pushing a punitive policy, BS-MSN, and putting the blame on the public for not adopting “pit bulls,” when in fact it is the shelter itself that has made “pit bull” adoption undesirable.

Please encourage city and county officials to drop the breed-specific language in their proposals. Breed-specific MSN—like any other breed-specific law—discriminates against people and their dogs based on whether the owner or dog have a “desirable” or “undesirable” physical appearance.

Whether you support or oppose MSN, it doesn’t need to be breed-specific. If MSN is good for dogs that look like “pit bulls,” it is good for any dog. By removing the breed-specific focus, the county and cities can avoid the expense and inequality that goes with BSL.

Here is the current known status of the BS-MSN proposal in the cities.

City of Ventura

The council approved and is putting together a draft for “final approval.” (Not on April 2 agenda.)
Previous alert for city of Ventura:

City of Ventura Mayor and City Council,,,,,,

Simi Valley

Council has postponed vote on proposal until April 9 to get more information.
Most recent alert is here:

City of Simi Valley Mayor and City Council;;;;


City council passed a motion on March 28 “indicating interest in considering” BS-MSN, but did not propose to write up a draft or consider it further. News article:

City of Camarillo council members:


City council will consider proposal at unspecified date. (Not on April 4 agenda.)

City of Moorpark Mayor and City Council;;;;


City will hold public forum on unspecified date. (Not on April 3 agenda)

City of Oxnard Mayor and City Council,,,,

Port Hueneme

According to news article, council is “supportive of parts,” but I have looked through recent city agendas/minutes and found no official discussion. City council will take up the issue at unspecified date. (Not on April 2 agenda.)

Email all council members:


Proposal has not been considered yet.

City of Ojai Mayor and Council email;;;;


Proposal does not appear to have been considered yet.

City of Fillmore Mayor and Council email;;;;

Santa Paula

Proposal does not appear to have been considered yet.

City Council contact:

Thousand Oaks

Proposal does not appear to have been considered yet.

City of Thousand Oaks Mayor and Council email:;;;;

All alerts for Ventura County:

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