Breaux Bridge, LA: Breed ban may be considered, April 10

Update 4/10/12: Thanks to several individuals who contacted the city clerk and got the proposal for us to look at! The proposal pertains to livestock; it is not a breed ban. This is certainly good news, and we’re investigating the breed ban rumors a little bit further to see if that is still a possibility later on. Locals—this is still an opportunity for you to speak up against the BSL that is currently in place in Breaux Bridge and to help councilmembers figure out effective and breed-neutral ways to resolve their ongoing animal control issues!——–
Breaux Bridge, LA, is considering changes to their animal ordinances. The April 10 agenda Item 11, which will propose changes to their animal ordinance, is of concern, as we are hearing rumors that they may propose a breed ban:

Breaux Bridge already has BSL for “pit bulls” (defined simply as any dog with “muscular brick-like shape of the head, broad back skull, wide mouth, and strong muscular jaw”). Any dog matching that description is automatically labeled “dangerous or vicious” and owners must comply with the vicious dog restrictions. You can read the current ordinance here.

At this time we have very little information about exactly what is being proposed in Breaux Bridge. We’re in the process of inquiring. Can you help with research? Call the city clerk (337-332-8302) and ask if she can email or fax the proposal, Ordinance 2184, to you. Contact StopBSL with your results.

If you are local, please attend the April 10 council meeting to find out what is being proposed, to voice your opposition to BSL, to engage in reasonable dialogue, and to propose real, fair, effective solutions to their animal control problems. This is a significant opportunity to make your community safer and more humane.

Council meeting: April 10, 6:00 PM, at City Hall, 101 Berard Street, Breaux Bridge

Council contact information:
City of Breaux Bridge, 101 Berard Street, Breaux Bridge, La. 70517
Mayor Jack Delhomme’s office: PH 337-332-2171 or FAX 337-332-6023
City clerk Pattie Dupuis: 337-332-8302

The Breaux Bridge website isn’t very up-to-date and this issue hasn’t received any news coverage, making this a difficult alert to track. If you are local and able to update us on the details and status of this proposal, we would appreciate it very much.

This brief news article, from about a month ago, illuminates some of the “ongoing” animal control problems that Breaux Bridge has been dealing with, including “pit bull” attacks (despite the current BSL), horses, and a lack of resources to deal with loose animals:

Thanks to Elizabeth for the heads up!

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  1. To label any dog meeting that description as dangerous or vicious is utterly ridiculous and irresponsible.