Malden, MA: Mayor wants public input before signing BSL

Residents and locals, please contact Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and respectfully request that he veto the breed-specific muzzle law that city council has passed.

In your correspondence to the mayor, please emphasize why BSL is wrong (ineffective, expensive, subjective) and offer breed-neutral solutions (enforcement of existing leash laws is an obvious one). Please remain logical, respectful, and helpful in your correspondence! Remember, this isn’t about you, your perfect dog, or your feelings—this is about a guy who wants to make good choices for the community he governs. Praise him for taking the time to consider your information, then help him see that a veto is the best choice. Do NOT attack him, do NOT be rude—you want and need him to listen to you!

This is the FINAL opportunity to stop BSL from passing in Malden.

Mayor’s Office, 200 Pleasant Street, Room 629, Malden, MA 02148
Telephone: 781-397-7000 Fax: 781-397-7073

Mayor Mulls Possible Muzzle Law Veto

By Chris Caesar

Mayor Gary Christenson said he had not decided whether he will sign an ordinance muzzling pit bulls in the city Tuesday night, an indication he may consider vetoing the now city council-approved ordinance.

“Now that the bill has been passed by the City Council, I will review the proposal and ensure both sides have a chance to comment before deciding,” he said. […]

Opponents say vigilant enforcement of already existing leash laws would’ve prevented these attacks, all of which were committed by off-leash animals. Councilor Barbara Murphy said provisions requiring muzzled dogs on unfenced private property were intrusive. […]

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8 responses to “Malden, MA: Mayor wants public input before signing BSL

  1. Done.
    Melissa, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Network

  2. Please help us protect our breed that we love and treasure and my is my service animal and the only family i have please stop trying to breed discriminate !!!! ty kat .

  3. The problem is in no way the dog breed. It is the people who are raising them and overbreeding them. I know that is a tired and old excuse, and I used to believe it myself (it was the breed). However, I have had the extreme pleasure of running a pit bull rescue while in MS. They are the kindest, funniest, loyal breed I’ve ever encountered. I have had in my home, around my very young children, over 50 pit bulls. Never one incident. Not one. These were abused, abandoned and scared dogs for the most part. I realize many dogs bite, including powerful pit bulls. But what we fail to realize is the people who are getting pits are getting them for the wrong reasons and then they do not care for them properly. You cannot leave a dog on a chain in a yard day after day and not expect it to go a little crazy. It’s not fair and it’s inhumane. I think anyone owning a pit should be required to go to obedience training w/ the dog and any children in the house, mandatory spay/neuter (they aren’t birthing machines for people to make money!) and must have either a park/dog area or a fenced in secure yard. There are too many stories of dogs getting out and biting – I attribute this to a dog is going to want to chase and kids want to run….well, put those together and the child gets knocked down…is screaming and the dog gets scared and reacts. It’s logic. Please don’t ban them. Consider the logical facts. Read articles and stories from owners.

    • “I think anyone owning a pit should be required to go to obedience training w/ the dog and any children in the house, mandatory spay/neuter (they aren’t birthing machines for people to make money!) and must have either a park/dog area or a fenced in secure yard”

      Your suggestion is still breed-specific. Unless it applies to all dog owners and all dogs, regardless of what the dog looks like, it is BSL, and therefore still discriminatory.

  4. Kay Riviello NY-ARAA

    I just had an hour long conversation with the mayor’s office informing them that are on a slippery constitutional slope with BSL and we will in no uncertain terms file a lawsuit against them if they go down this road. They were extremely receptive and my feeling is THAT THE MAYOR WILL **NOT** PASS BSL IN MALDEN. We will absolutely file legal action against them if they do (since I spent all that time on the phone, it will piss me off and I will make an example out of them if they try it).

    • Thank you, Kay. My understanding of the process is that the mayor can veto, but even if he does, the council can still come back and overrule the veto with another majority vote. Nevertheless, I appreciate your efforts to convince the mayor to veto!

  5. I NEVER would have believed I would ever own a Pit Bull because of all I had heard about them. Two years ago I rescued and adopted my awesome Pit Bull and I consider myself very blessed to have him!! The shelter where I rescued him had someone who knows about Pit Bulls educate me on this wonderful breed, they did a home check to make sure he was being brought home to a safe & loving home & checked with my vet.
    Pit Bulls are not born aggressive, they are born fun loving puppies just like any other breed…’s how this wonderful breed is raised and treated. Pit Bulls are a very loving, obedient, sloppy kissing dog. Raise them in a safe, loving home, teach them rules and boundaries like any other breed and you couldn’t ask for a better dog!

  6. Kay Riviello NY-ARAA

    After speaking with the Mayor of Malden’s office for over an hour, they will NOT be passing any type of BSL in Malden.