Tupelo, MS: BSL back under consideration, April 17

Tupelo is once again working on breed-specific revisions to their animal ordinance. Tupelo already has BSL for “pit bulls”; dogs with a “pit bull” appearance are categorized as “dangerous” dogs and have special ownership restrictions.

The proposed revisions to the dog ordinance add Rottweilers and Dobermans to the list of dangerous dogs. Other changes would include increasing the fee for “pit bull” registration and prohibiting dangerous dogs (including the aforementioned breeds) from being taken near a school.

Tupelo’s next council meeting is April 17 at 6:00 PM at City Hall, 71 East Troy Street. This issue is on the study agenda (item 8.3).

Locals and residents, please attend the council meeting to show your opposition to breed-specific laws. If you correspond with council members, please be respectful, informative, and persuasive. Show council the problems with BSL, suggest effective and beneficial breed-neutral alternatives, and ask them to repeal their breed-specific law.

Contact info for city officials:
City Hall, 71 East Troy Street, Tupelo, MS 38804
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1485, Tupelo, MS 38802-1485
Mayor Jack Reed Jr., Jack.Reed@tupeloms.gov
Markel Whittington, markel.whittington@comcast.net
Fred Pitts, rfred@sguard.net (in favor of BSL)
James (Jim) Newell, jimwnewell@comcast.net (opposes BSL)
Nettie Davis, nettiedavisward4@bellsouth.net
Jonny Davis, jstuartdavis@yahoo.com (in favor of BSL)
Mike Bryan, mike.bryan@comcast.net
Willie Jennings, wljennings@yahoo.com

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Jack.Reed@tupeloms.gov; markel.whittington@comcast.net; rfred@sguard.net; jimwnewell@comcast.net; nettiedavisward4@bellsouth.net; jstuartdavis@yahoo.com; mike.bryan@comcast.net; wljennings@yahoo.com

All alerts for Tupelo: http://stopbsl.com/?s=tupelo

Dangerous animal ordinance in Tupelo being reviewed

Reported by: Wayne Hereford
Email: whereford@wtva.com
Last Update: 4/13 10:56 pm

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA)- […] A specially-formed commmittee, including Tupelo city leaders, is proposing to amend the city’s current dangerous animal ordinance in several key ways.

One would be to require an annual permit fee of $80 a year for pitbull owners. […]

In the amended ordinance, city officials added rotweilers and dobermans to the list of dangerous animals.

[…] Committee members expect more changes to the proposal before any action is taken within the next thirty days.

Full article retrieved 4/15/12 from http://www.wtva.com/news/local/story/Dangerous-animal-ordinance-in-Tupelo-being/7nhgjS0DZkOEjlXLnpFA5g.cspx

4 responses to “Tupelo, MS: BSL back under consideration, April 17

  1. I have Rottweilers …Had them all my life and they are the sweetest dogs ever! My children can play with them, jump on them, pich & pull at there ears and they do nothing but lay there or play with my children. I strongly believe that no matter what the breed. Dogs are only bad if you make them that way! Don’t punish the breed punish the people who made them that way. Take there right away from having a dog. Any dog can be trained. Lets not put a tag on dogs.

  2. I have been raising rottweilers since the early ninetys. All my puppies have been trained since birth about aggresion they are taught not to be food or child agressive. People try to make these dogs fighters and they will be if they are taught Why dont yall ban the crack heads and the people breaking into homes if you want to make Tupelo a safer place Thanks Pam Stanley

  3. I have a Rottweiler she is very sweet she loves children and other people as long as they dont show a threat to children or me. Her companions are very small dogs that bite her on her ankle when they want something and she just shakes her leg and walks on some people think that she would bite them but she doesnt

  4. Chelle Johnson

    I have 3 Rottweilers and 3 children, Anyone that knows me or my husband, knows that my dogs are very well behaved. I have raised Rotties for twelve years and I have never had a problem them. I trained all my dogs by myself. I’ve had a total of 5 in those twelve years. My dogs are what I call my four legged children and if there’s ever a problem on my grounds, they wait for my command. They are put on this earth to protect their family and that’s exactly what my dogs do. It’s sad that Tupelo puts so much emphasis on what they call dangerous dogs, then the people that beat, abuse and kill them for fun. Thanks Chelle Johnson