North Beach, MD: Council will consider repealing breed ban

The article below highlights two of the many problems with breed-specific laws: 1) such laws are too narrow to adequately protect citizens from truly dangerous dogs; and 2) breed identification is extremely difficult.

The council cites a specific instance where they wished to remove a dangerous dog, but could not, because they could not positively identify the dog as a “pit bull.” The proposed amendment is no longer narrowly focused on “pit bulls,” but applies to any individual dog, and a councilmember says they want to repeal the breed-specific portion “to protect our own citizens.”

Please respectfully praise and encourage the council to repeal their breed ban, for the protection of all.

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N. Beach considers amending pit bull ban

Friday, Apr. 20, 2012

The North Beach Town Council is considering prohibiting ownership of all dangerous animals rather than banning a specific breed of dog in the town.

An ordinance to amend Chapter 26 of the town code, which bans the ownership of pit bulls in the town, was introduced during the April 12 town council meeting. The amended ordinance would allow residents to own pit bulls and if any animal bites someone unprovoked they could be deemed dangerous and appropriate action will be taken.[…]

The purpose of the amendment, Wilcox said, is to “go along with the idea that … it’s [the animal’s] disposition, not their breed.” […]

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2 responses to “North Beach, MD: Council will consider repealing breed ban

  1. This is good. Seriously, who cares if you can’t identify it as a “pit bull”?! If it’s a “vicious” dog, it’s a vicious dog. Regardless of breed. And to be honest? I work at a veterinary hospital. The dogs that bite the most? Chihuahuas and yorkies. The sweetest dogs that come into the hospital? Your so-called “vicious” dogs: “pit bulls”.

  2. This is discrimination of a sweet loyal breed. This is so wrong in so many levels. Ive known many pittbulls and they were so sweet and ive known chihuhuas that would bite your hand off. This is a waist of all of our tax dollars.