Portsmouth, OH reminder: Proposed BSL second reading, April 23

Portsmouth, OH, is rewriting their vicious dog ordinance. The current proposal is breed-specific. Pit bull owners will have to meet several requirements, including special containment.

Read the current proposal: Portsmouth Dog Ordinance 3-18-12
(Many thanks to Lena for making this proposal available.)

The next city council meeting takes place on April 23 at 6:00 PM. The ordinance will have a second reading and probably a vote. Residents and locals, please attend the meeting and take this opportunity to reiterate your opposition to BSL.

Please RESPECTFULLY contact Portsmouth city officials and remind them that breed-specific laws don’t improve public safety, are expensive, and are unjust. Provide alternative breed-neutral vicious dog laws for their consideration. RESPECTFULLY ask Portsmouth officials to remove the breed-specific language from their proposal.

City council email block (NOTE: one councilmember does not have email):
kwwj@roadrunner.com; rich@saddler.me; jkalb@roadrunner.com; ii6svvh@yahoo.com; ssturgill@zoomnet.net; TNathan@portsmouthoh.org; dmalone@portsmouthoh.org; andrew.gedeon@odh.ohio.gov

All alerts for Portsmouth, OH: http://stopbsl.com/?s=portsmouth

One response to “Portsmouth, OH reminder: Proposed BSL second reading, April 23

  1. john easterly

    our constitution states it is unconstitutional to take the rights and privilages of any race group or religion that any other race group or religion share with same simularities so if you pass this bill you better pass it for every breed every breed has attacked your infringing on our constitutional rights