Cincinnati, OH: Committee to hear motion to repeal BSL, April 24

The Livable Communities Committee of Cincinnati, OH, will hear a motion to prepare amendments that would repeal the breed ban and breed-specific language in their animal ordinances.

The Committee will meet on April 24 at 1:00 PM in Council Chambers, Room 300, City Hall, 801 Plum St, Cincinnati.

Residents and locals, please attend the committee meeting to show your support for the actions being taken to repeal of the breed ban and all breed-specific language.

The motion on the agenda is as follows:

4-201200601 MOTION, dated 4/17/2012 submitted by Vice Mayor Qualls, Councilmembers Seelbach, Simpson, Quinlivan, Young, Sittenfeld, Smitherman and Winburn that the Administration prepare apppropriate ordinances to remove any and all breed specific language in Chapter 701 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code including but not limited to the following:

1) Sec. 701-1-V.-Vicious Dog – Subsection 3)”is a dog commonly defined as a Pit Bull;”
2) Sec. 701-6.-Possession of a Dangerous or Vicious Dog Prohibited” as it relates specifically to Pit Bulls.
3) Sec 701-8 (i)
4) Sec 701-10
5) Any other references to any specific breed of dog in Sec. 701.

WE FURTHER MOVE that a Task Force be formed to evaluate Chapter 701 (and other relevant portions of the Cincinnnati Municipal Code) to recommend amendments that address spay & neuter, animal treatment, tethering, dog fighting, and the highest standards of humane treatment while ensuring the greatest public safety for the community; and that these amendments encourage responsible animal care and further punish abuse and mistreatment of animals. Recommendations should also look at what portions of Chapter 701 should more closely mirror the state code, and the committee shall feel free to consult with other groups for best practices.

The Task Force shall be composed of the following members: 1) A representative from the City Prosecutor’s office 2) A representative from the Cincinnati Police Department 3) A representative from SPCA Cincinnati 4) A veterinarian 5) A representative from the animal rescue community. The Task Force shall report its findings to this body in 90 days.

Many thanks to Celine for forwarding this info to us!

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