Massachusetts bill would prohibit municipalities from passing BSL

UPDATE 8/2/12: S.2192 was signed by the governor today and will become effective in 90 days. Congratulations to Massachusetts!

Massachusetts S.2184 now S.2192 is a bill that overhauls Massachusetts state animal laws. It includes the following clauses that would prohibit municipalities in MA from passing breed-specific laws:

New definition of “dangerous dog”: provided, however, that no dog shall be deemed dangerous . . . (ii) based upon the breed of such dog.

New section 157: No city or town shall regulate dogs in a manner that is specific to breed.

You can read the full text of the proposed bill here:

S2184 S2192 has been moving slowly from House to Senate, changing bill number and gathering amendments, for over a year. It was engrossed by the Senate in late March and, due to Senate amendments, it now needs approval by the House again. It has moved to a House committee for consideration. We do not not know whether the bill would be retroactive (e.g. would force MA municipalities that currently have BSL to repeal those laws).

Massachusetts residents should contact their House representatives and voice your support for Senator Jehlen’s bill called “An Act Further Regulating Municipal Animal Control.” Find your rep here:

Bill would revise outdated animal control laws

By Suzanne Snell /
Beverly Citizen
Posted Apr 12, 2012 @ 02:17 PM

Beverly, Mass. — A new bill designed to update and improve animal control practices throughout Massachusetts is pending approval from the state House of Representatives after it passed through the Senate in late March.

[…] Sen. Patricia Jehlen, D-Somerville, sponsored the legislation — known as “An Act Further Regulating Municipal Animal Control” — as a way to revise animal control regulations in the state, some of which date back to the 1800s. […]

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