Gainesville, GA: Group plans to speak against BSL at city council meeting, May 1

Faced with possible BSL or a breed ban in Gainesville, a group of community members plans to speak at the next council meeting, May 1. They would love warm bodies to attend for support.

The breed ban effort is unfortunately spreading to the state level (see next post). All Georgia residents need to get involved to put a stop to these efforts.

If you are local to Gainesville and would like to be involved in this effort to stop BSL, please read the below information carefully. Courtesy of Johanna:

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 1st, is the Council meeting in Gainesville. As you know by now, there is a push on the ground to get BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) passed in the area that could potentially result in either restrictions, requirements or an all-out ban.

I spoke to the Deputy City Clerk, Alisa Grayson, and City Clerk, Denise Jordan. Both were very receptive and appreciated my calling to advise them of our coming. They are allowing the public to speak at the very start of the meeting, afterthe Pledge of Allegiance. While they do not have a “limit” to the number of speakers, the Attorney may reduce the number of speakers if we each speak for more than “a few minutes”. I gave them each my word that we would come prepared with facts, be professional and unemotional and each speak for four minutes or so, tops. They were very appreciative.

I ask that everyone that plans on speaking send me an email to so that we can plan on each of our points. They liked that each of us will cover one topic free from emotion so that we can give more time to one another. Please plan on wearing red or black (or both!) whether you speak or not. If anyone has name badges, feel free to bring one and wear it.

Tuesday May 1st 5:30pm

2 responses to “Gainesville, GA: Group plans to speak against BSL at city council meeting, May 1

  1. As most of us know BSL DOESN’T WORK. Many places that had BSL have changed it. It isn’t the dog it’s the owner. I am a dog psychologist/behaviorist and know for a fact that the American Pit Bull is a very loyal loving dog. All the experts such as: Victoria Stillwell. Dr. Ian Dunber and Cesar Millan always stick up for Pit Bulls. Why are people making the decision to ban certain breeds when they know NOTHING about dog behavior. They need to ban Goldens and Labs as they are the number one and two bitter. I am so sick of people trying to ban this wonderful breed. I also do pit bull rescue and have worked and saved many of them. I have put them in famillies with other dogs and children. The owners thank me for letting them adopt a sweet pit bull.

  2. Katie Geiger

    I so agree with your comment. I think this push is all political. People need to get educated on dog behavior. For example, the case in Gainesville, Ga where a girl was bitten by a pit bull who was trying to get at the cat she was carrying in her arms. Now, number one…do people not realize that dogs and cats are natural enemies, even though they can live together. Any dog would have probably jumped the girl to get the cat. So, the public decides to ban a breed because of an incident which is very inherent to any dog. The dog was loose, so that could have been prevented. People also need to realize that responsible owners also make mistakes. A dog should be proven aggressive by a repeated behavior. If my dog is on a leash and sees a cat and pulls the leash out of my hand to chase the cat. I don’t think this is a situation in which a dog should be banned. How about all the cats that roam free. They kill more wild life than a dog does, they kill reptiles and amphibians, as well. I think these owners should be asked to keep their cats indoors and on their own property. It is their pet, keep it in their own house and their own yard. I get very irritated when I am walking my dog and their is a cat sitting on the curb….roaming around where ever. I have to hold my dog back. These are the kind of incidents that people don’t realize. Everyone who owns a pet should be responsible. I get tired also of all this “faddish” solution to get rid of dangerous dogs by banning them. What is a dangerous dog/ a dog that bites someone who is holding a cat when they are trying to get at the cat? I think the public needs to be aware of the circumstances that provoked a dog to bite, then they would make fair decisions. I also think there should be a law that people who own cats be fined if they let their pets out doors to roam. As it is, our wild life is in jeopardy because of human intervention. One cat can kill an average of 3 birds a day and lizards, non-venomous snakes, chipmunks, as well. Outdoor cats are also more likely to catch diseases and be hit by cars. Are these responsible owners? Let’s stop laws like BSL and start laws that insist that if you want a pet, be it a dog or cat, or what ever , the owner, is the protector of this animal and the responsible guardian. A dog acts on natural instincts, as does a cat. No cat breed or dog breed is more dangerous than another….politicians are not informed on reality, and as citizens, we need to write them and tell them we are tired of laws that are based on ignorance and media hype. How many pit bull attacks/bites are recorded per year…and tell us what the circumstance that made the dog bite. Make your decision based on intelligence, if not, I say don’t vote for these politicians…get them out of office.