Georgia: Effort to ban breeds reaches state legislature

A resident of Gainesville, GA, has turned to state legislators to request a statewide breed ban. State representative Carl Rogers has agreed to help this resident pursue a statewide breed ban.

Please make sure your correspondence with Rep. Rogers and all other lawmakers is RESPECTFUL and informative!
Rep. Carl Rogers, Room 417, State Capital, Atlanta GA 30334
Phone: 404-656-5146
Find your other state representatives here (yeah, Georgia Assembly does not have their own legislator finder):

Residents have mixed feelings on pit bull breed

Advocates say bad owners are the problem

By Aaron Hale
POSTED:April 28, 2012 11:30 p.m.

[… Gainesville resident] Brannon has since written the governor and spoken to state Rep. Carl Rogers on the issue, with Rogers promising to put the issue of dangerous dogs, specifically pit bulls, before the state legislature.

“We’ve got to do something to be protective of (potential) victims, especially children, before they become victims,” he said. […]

One local elected official said he is poised to take that a step further.

“What I promised Ms. Brannon,” Rogers said, “is we would certainly look at trying to ban the breed.”

The representative said he believes pit bull attacks are happening enough to draw the state legislature to act.

Before doing so, Rogers said he’ll bring in experts on animals and breeding, as well as victims of pit bull attacks, to talk about the problem and garner possible solutions. […]

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14 responses to “Georgia: Effort to ban breeds reaches state legislature

  1. This is ridiculous!! Any dog will attack no matter what the breed is. It is all in how they are raised. Whether they get enough attention or not all that is a factor in it. It is not the breed. I have a pit bull that is always around small children and people in general and the only way she will ever hurt someone is by licking them to death. So people need to stop being stereotypical and get their facts straight. Get to know the breed before you judge it. RIDIUCLOUS!

  2. selwyn marock

    I am not very fond of Black people,will you please Ban them,I dislike Jews,even though I am one lets rid Gainesville of Jews.Muslims a definite No-No,I have many friends in this community,get rid of them.
    How do I get from this council the necessary application forms?

    • That’s what I’ve been saying!! Just cuz a few dogs may have problems doesn’t mean we just need to go overly dramatic about it and ban all of them. This is absurd and in tired of pits getting a bad.

    • amen. its ridiculous the way people stereotype a dog, when its all they way they are raised!! makes me outraged!

  3. selwyn marock

    Brittany fully agree,let the politicos get day-jobs,and do useful activities,rather than trying to play G-D.

    • thats right i fully agree. There are tons of dog attacks that aren’t pits its just pits are the only ones that make the news bc they are what people want to make of them. I have a pit and she is very sweet. My weiner dog is more mean than she is. its all about what people want to believe not what they know. if they would put a pit in everyones home that thinks they are vicious they would change their minds. its a shame these poor helpless animals are so misunderstood.

  4. Would people PLEASE stop trying to take my children away? My pit bulls are my kids. Why do you keep trying to muzzle them? Restrict them? Kill them? All dogs are individuals, and should be treated as such. Irresponsible people are to blame, every single time!

  5. You know what people are ignorant you are more likely to get bitten by a Chiwawa then a Pit Bull Terrier. How about punishing the deed not the breed? There are several breeds deemed as “dangerous” breeds but if you look closer and do your research these animals are not only smart but very loving animals! Maybe if people would stop and inform themselves instead of making rash judgments they would see that it is the people who make these animals that way. Ignorance is no excuse for banning and destroying animals that are not aggressive by any means. This is part of what’s wrong with our country today uneducated ignorance and greed. First of all has anyone bothered to look at where these dogs came from? Their past? Family life? etc? NO no one cares because they are animals… but thats where they are wrong… In allot of the cases I have heard of the dogs were raised for HUNTING hogs, they had been FOUGHT, they’ve come from ABUSIVE homes… see no one looks at that they automatically assume it’s because they are Pit Bulls, German Shepards, Bulldogs or any other breed they have marked dangerous! I work for a shelter and work hands on with these animals and I also have Pit Bulls at home that I might add NEVER have shown any aggression toward anyone! And I’m also here to tell you smaller breeds such as schnauzers, chiwawas, and others are just as likely if not more likely to bite but because they are small are not deemed dangerous! As Brittany said it’s ridiculous and just plain outrageous that anyone would try to ban a breed of dog when it IS NOT the dogs fault it’s THE OWNERS!!!!

  6. I am also very tired of hearing people tell us what animal we may have as pets! I just had this conversation with someone today and the truth is,..
    The question seems simple enough. Most of us would describe a dog bite as an incident where a dog deliberately inflicts an injury to a person. Animal control and public health departments, however, consider any incident in which a dog’s tooth or nail breaks a person’s skin, regardless of the circumstances or any characterization of the dog’s intention, to be an animal exposure that merits their notice. Therefore, animal control and public health departments classify all of the following animal exposures as dog bites:

    • Nips from playful puppies
    • Scratches from a dog’s nail
    • Scrapes from a dog’s tooth
    • Accidental bites by dogs
    • Good Samaritans bitten trying to assist injured dogs (e.g. dogs hit by cars)
    • Bites by working K-9 dogs in the performance of police duties
    • Bites to canine professionals that may have occurred under extreme duress, such as when the dog was in pain or otherwise unable to control its behavior (e.g. a vet tech bitten while removing intubation tube from a dog’s throat)
    Those, my friends and foes, are where your stats are coming from. Hey, I ‘m not making this stuff up! Buster the basset hound, who jumped on your toddler and left a mark? He’s in there. Puffy the poodle? In there!
    Further, the majority of dog bites, fatal or otherwise are more commonly inflicted by akitas, german shepards and collies. …that’s right folks! Lassie! These particular breeds, more common a family pet, are a much bigger risk to your children than our pitts. I have done unbelievable research on this subject and what you will find it that the sites that tell you to kill all bullies are the same people patting the heads of their beloved germans and collies. 283 deaths have occurrred via dogs in the last 20 years. 25 breeds were involved in them 25 people!!! 4 of those according to the humane society were pitbulls. 4. Now I am not mathematician but I’d sure feel alot safer with my little 35 lb APBT than around your 130 lbs german shepard that has proven to be a bigger risk to me. Hell, I have a corgi that I would sooner shy from! She beats the crap out of my pit and frankly, she’s a real bitch!
    I saw above in a comment, pure poetry. Genius! Punish the deed not the breed. I said this very day that we would all do well to euthanize the fighters and breeders who create these issues. But what’s that you say?? Kill people for the deeds of animals??? Insanity! But you have it all wrong…the dogs are a product of the breeders and inbreeders. They never knew any different. They were bred, raised and killed for sport. Who is the real savage?
    Shame of you who think they are God of the animals. Shame on you!

  7. Absolutely rediculous. A dog only acts how its raised. To ban a breed because of stereotypical opinions is like saying stupid ppl shud not fornicate. A dog is only as mean as u make it. What about the pits that are truly aapart of a family just 4 years ago my moms pit saved my 7 year old little sister from a pack of mixed breed dogs. Mutts jumping on my lil sister to be saved by a pit who gave his life for hers.I also had my brindle blue last year. The absolute best dog I have ever owned past away. He wud lay on the ground and play with my two lb maltese and play with out hurting her. Him being over 100 lbs. Its not the breed because any dog can trained to be apart of a family. Not just a pet Absurd. Before u ban the breed of pits ,kill the niggers who breed to fight them. If ur stuck in a pin w someone and they jump on u to kill wud u fight back? I think so… pits have their reputation because of the ppl that raise them.

  8. I think this is just ridiculous, i have 3 pitbulls and they are the best dogs i have ever owned because i have raised them with love so please stop blaming the breed and put the blame where it belongs on the OWNERS..

  9. Ban certain dogs, Mr. Rogers???? There goes the neighborhood :( Why don’t we ban ignorance instead?