Covington, LA: BSL under consideration

Covington considered BSL some ten years ago, but ultimately decided against it. Now they’re considering it again.

Contact information for Covington city council:;;;;;;
City Council Office, 317 N. Jefferson Ave., Covington, LA 70433
Phone: (985) 898-4722
Fax: (985) 898-4723

Next city council meeting: May 15, 6:00 PM, in Council Chambers at 222 Kirkland St., Covington, LA. 70433

Current animal ordinances can be read here.

Covington council to consider tougher pit bull restrictions

Published: Wednesday, May 02, 2012, 3:58 PM
By Claire Galofaro, The Times-Picayune

[…] On Tuesday night, [Covington City Councilman Lee] Alexius suggested the City Council consider creating a law to restrict pit bull ownership. Other Louisiana cities, he said, have strict requirements for pit bull owners: from mandating the size of kennels to requiring owners to carry hefty insurance policies and have their pit bulls registered and microchipped.[…]

Now, the Covington Council’s public safety committee, including Councilmen Sam O’Keefe, Jerry Coner and Larry Rolling, will consider other jurisdictions’ ordinances, then fashion a law for Covington’s pit bull owners. The committee will present its decision to the Council, hold a public meeting, then vote on its passage. […]

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One response to “Covington, LA: BSL under consideration

  1. This is BS. What about all the little ankle bitters that are always bitting people. O i guess cause thats what you all have at home so they fine. How are you all gonna make people do this how can you all think yall have the power to force people to do this. If yall was to get a pit and see how loving they are you would change your mind. But like I said this is BS and I dont understand how yall think yall have the power to force people to do this cause they love pits. O and do your reseaech on dogs and pits are not the dangerous dog yall and the media make them out to be.