Gainesville, GA: City council decides against breed ban

Gainesville city council says they won’t ban “pit bulls.”

The reason? The city attorney says state law prohibits breed bans. We’re actually not aware of any GA state law that prohibits GA municipalities from passing BSL. Plenty of municipalities in GA have BSL. But we’re happy not to correct the city attorney and council in this case.

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Gainesville won’t ban pit bulls

Georgia law prohibits breed-specific prohibition

By Ashley Fielding,
POSTED: May 1, 2012 11:30 p.m.

[…] But after the first of them, Gwinnett County resident Johanna Falber, spoke, City Attorney James E. “Bubba” Palmour said the city could not, under Georgia law, exclude the ownership of a specific breed.

Palmour had looked into the request after a woman called on the City Council at its April 17 meeting to initiate a citywide ban on the breed. […]

After the city attorney’s statements, however, Mayor Danny Dunagan said the council won’t be taking any more action on pit bulls — a decision that drew praise from those present. […]

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