Wareham, MA: Dog bylaws will be revised (whispers of BSL)

Wareham, MA, was considering breed-neutral revisions to their breed-neutral dog bylaws. The revisions failed to pass, and the council decided to create a committee to look at the proposal further. However, some of the residents and the animal control officer expressed concerns about the danger of specific breeds. We are concerned that the committee may consider or add breed-specific restrictions to the proposal while they are looking at it.

Residents of Wareham are encouraged to inquire and get on the committee that will discuss the revisions further. This is an opportunity to provide reasonable breed-neutral solutions and education to guide the direction of the town’s dog ordinance revisions.

Dog laws postponed for Fall 2012 Town Meeting

By Rishi Sidhu | May 02, 2012

Town Meeting decided on Tuesday to further study a proposed bylaw aimed to prevent dog bites and excessive dog barking after voters expressed concern that the regulations were too restrictive to individual dog owners. […]

Ultimately, the proposed bylaw failed, though voters OK’d the creation of a “Dog Regulation By-law Committee,” which will meet once per month and draft a bylaw for approval at Town Meeting in the fall.

The five-member committee will consist of the Animal Control Officer, one member of the Board of Selectmen, and three citizens-at-large.

Full article retrieved 5/2/12 from http://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/news/story/dog-laws-postponed-for-fall-2012-town-meeting/818394

One response to “Wareham, MA: Dog bylaws will be revised (whispers of BSL)

  1. Merry Young

    Apparently this reporter misquoted (hugely) the ACO who is against BSL and for non specific dangerous dog law.