Kingsford, MI: City will consider breed ban repeal

Residents have asked Kingsford city council to repeal their longstanding breed ban. The council has agreed to consider the possibility. Please support the council’s efforts by sending respectful correspondence and useful breed-neutral alternatives for their consideration.

Contact information for city of Kingsford:
City of Kingsford, 305 South Carpenter Avenue, Kingsford, MI 49802
(906) 774-3526
Public Safety Director Tim Gussert:

Kingsford mulls ban on pit bulls

May 8, 2012
By JIM ANDERSON – News Editor , The Daily News

KINGSFORD – Kingsford will take another look at a ban on pit bulls that has been in effect for 25 years.

The city council on Monday received a petition signed by more than 150 people objecting to the city’s pit bull ordinance.[…]

[Springlake Animal Shelter manager Diane] Luczak added that the city could modify its ordinance to allow pit bulls, but require that they be neutered or spayed. “We need to make people responsible,” she said. […]

Mayor Michael Flaminio said that, while “there are many pit bulls that are not dangerous at all,” the issue of city liability must be kept in mind.

A committee consisting of City Manager Tony Edlebeck, City Attorney Bruce Brouillette, Public Safety Director Tim Gussert and council members Dennis Baldinelli and Cynthia Miller-Dixon will look into the pit bull issue and make a recommendation. […]

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One response to “Kingsford, MI: City will consider breed ban repeal

  1. laurie walstrom

    this is in regards to the pitbull ban – my family and i have owned or been around pitbulls for many years. they are naturally a sweet family dog. all the hype you hear of them being a fighting breed is just that . they were not originally bred to fight – only to protect as are the german shepards, rottweilers,dobermans,cocker spaniels,boxers,english bulldogs,ets. any dog will protect its family. cocker spaniels have a much higher bite rate than other dogs. even the dogs used for fighting are generally very people friendly – they are only agressive to other dogs. there is no bad dog – only bad owners. why should a breed suffer because of that. if you ban pitbulls because of scare tactic ignorance, than you must also ban all protective breeds. to single out one breed is unfair and,in my opinion, shows total ignorance of the canine species.