West Fork, AR update: Citizens oppose proposed breed ban

Residents and locals, please continue to work respectfully with city officials to find a compromise that is breed-neutral. The next city council meeting will be June 12.

City of West Fork, Arkansas, P.O. Box 339, West Fork, AR 72774
Phone: (479) 839-2342
Fax: (479) 839-3335
Email: city@westforkar.gov (may not work–better to fax)

All alerts for West Fork: https://stopbsl.org/?s=west+fork

Possible Pit Bull Ban in West Fork Sparks Community Reaction

By: Marissa Stevens

Updated: May 8, 2012

A possible ban on pit bulls in West Fork had a lot of people talking during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The West Fork City Council wanted to hear what residents had to say and they definitely heard some very strong opinions. […]

Not a single resident was in favor of the breed-specific ban at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Instead, they want to see harsher punishments for irresponsible owners.

“They just need to start ticketing people and enforcing the fines on any dog at large, whether it’s a yorkie or a pit bull, to me it makes no difference,’ said Jacqueline Dunn. […]

City officials said they will work with residents and hopefully come up with a compromise that makes all dog owners happy. […]

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One response to “West Fork, AR update: Citizens oppose proposed breed ban

  1. My wife and own a veterinarian clinic in Russellville Arkansas, show pit bulls and, are raising six children. We are both AKC recognized canine good citizenship testers. The weekend of May 5th we hosted a ABKC dog show at the Fort Smith convention center. It was only a two breed show and one of which was the pit bull. There were more than 200 pit bulls in the building that day without ONE single problem. Feel free to contact the convention center, the Holiday Inn and, the city of Fort Smith. There are was to protect your laws and citizens from wondering or vicious animals without place a ban on family pets. We would be happy to come speak at your next meeting and discuss this more. Feel free to contact me at 479-567-6674 or the clinic number is 479-498-8600.

    Justin Key