Donnellson, IA: City passes breed-neutral dog ordinance

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The city of Donnellson, Iowa has been debating their animal control ordinance since November 2011. There has been much back and forth between city officials as to whether the ordinance should be breed specific. Mayor Young has been unwavering in his position that he did not want to implement BSL.

The council finally passed an ordinance on Monday night, and it is not breed specific. I just spoke with the city clerk for clarification because we had been hearing that Donnellson already had restrictions on pit bulls. Ms. Krebill confirmed that the city never had any type of breed restrictions, and all the breed specific wording in the proposed ordinance has been removed from the final version. Dogs that are determined to be vicious based on their behavior will be required to be leashed and muzzled in public.

If you recall from a previous update on Donnellson back in January, Ms. Krebill stressed that the city was experiencing chronic problems with specific dogs/dog owners, and the mayor wanted an ordinance to target reckless, irresponsible dog owners rather than singling out breeds. The new ordinance is their tool to do just that.

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Donnellson council establishes non-breed specific animal measure

By Lauren Zechin/MVM News Network
Published: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 4:17 PM CDT

DONNELLSON – Donnellson’s newly updated animal ordinance is now in effect.

During the city council’s regular meeting Monday at which four of the five council members were present, the first reading of the ordinance was passed and the second and third readings waived. Council member Jan Fraise was absent.

“I feel like this has been discussed long enough that we can, in good faith, skip the second and third readings,” Mayor Bill Young said.

The ordinance will not, after all, be breed-specific when defining what constitutes a “vicious” dog. […]

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