Ontario Bill 16: Out of committee, but will it get 3rd reading?

Bill 16, which would repeal the Ontario breed ban, has moved to the House for a third reading. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether the bill will get called for a third reading. If it does not, it will die.

The bill is mired in heavily partisan politics, and members of the Liberal party—the party that decides which bills to call for third reading—have largely  opposed it.

I highly recommend this extensive summary of the bill’s past, present, and future, along with a fascinating look at how Ontario politics works: http://www.chicobandido.com/2012/05/bill16-clause/

Another great update and more information can be read here: http://ihowie.blog.com/2012/05/09/bill-16-fails-at-committee-but-hope-exists/

It is critical at this point for everyone, no matter where you live, to send respectful but firm correspondence to the Ontario legislature. Ask the members of the legislature to call Bill 16 for a third reading, and stress how important the breed ban repeal is—not just to “pit bull” owners, but to everyone.

Read more and contact Ontario lawmakers here: http://www.bringbackthebulls.com/

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