Covington, LA: Proposed BSL will target “a group of breeds”

A recent news article reports that Covington will consider BSL that targets not just “pit bulls” but “a group of breeds considered vicious.”

Contact information for Covington city council:;;;;;;
City Council Office, 317 N. Jefferson Ave., Covington, LA 70433
Phone: (985) 898-4722
Fax: (985) 898-4723

Next city council meeting: May 15, 6:00 PM, in Council Chambers at 222 Kirkland St., Covington, LA. 70433. This item is not explicitly on the agenda; however, residents and locals are encouraged to attend and speak up about the proposal. (Contact the city clerk at (985) 898-4722 to find out how to speak at the meeting.)

Current animal ordinances can be read here.

Covington Council will put dog bites back into crime

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 1:00 am
By Debbie Glover St. Tammany News

[…] They would not single out pit bulls as a breed, but may include a group of breeds that are considered vicious. […]

The first order of business is to review what is currently in the city’s ordinances, then to see what can be done to strengthen the current ordinances or enact new ones to keep the public safe and prevent, or at least make owners more accountable, for attacks in the future.

The process is not going to be immediate, but will take a few months to examine all phases of the problem. Some suggestions so far have included microchipping certain breeds so that owners can be located. However, that can be expensive and some dogs don’t even have licenses as it is. […]

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