Maryland: Legislators push to overturn breed discrimination during special session

Maryland delegates Smigiel and Mizeur have proposed a bill that would overturn the court decision that imposed strict liability on “pit bull” owners AND would ALSO prohibit Maryland municipalities from passing breed-specific laws! Read the draft bill here:

The bill is currently nicknamed the Pit Bull Bill, although it obviously benefits more than just “pit bulls.” The proposed bill is a surprising one-two punch against BSL in the state.

The delegates want the bill to be introduced during this summer’s special session. This would be fairly unusual; most special sessions are very short, the focus is narrow, and there’s a limit on the types of bills considered. According to the governor, this special session was called to discuss the budget only. He does not intend to allow the so-called Pit Bull Bill to be filed or considered.

We are hopeful that the community can rally around the delegates and show their sustained support for the Pit Bull Bill throughout the remainder of the year, so that when the regular session begins in January, this bill will be filed, considered, and passed.

Thank Delegates Smigiel and Mizeur for proposing this bill, and ask them to file the bill during the regular session if they are unable to file it during the summer session:;

Tell your delegates that you support the Smigiel-Mizeur Pit Bull Bill:

Finally, if you’re a legal-minded nerd like me, you’ll love this excellent analysis of the arguments and cases that were used to support the MD court’s discriminatory Tracey v. Solesky decision:

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