North Beach, MD: Town councilor plans amendment to repeal breed ban

Town councilor Ken Wilcox plans to introduce an amendment that would repeal the town’s breed ban. Please respectfully praise and encourage the council to repeal their breed ban, for the protection of all.

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This great editorial appeared in Southern Maryland Newspapers Online.

Town ordinance addresses all dog breeds

[…] Back in 2000, the North Beach Town Council passed an ordinance banning pit bulls and pit bull mixes from the town. However, in the past 12 years, the town’s breed-specific ban has been enforced just once. […]

However, the Town of North Beach then opened a second taxpayer-funded investigation to determine if the dog was in fact a pit bull that could be removed from town. During the drawn out investigation, town officials learned that there was no practical way to prove whether the dog that attacked is in fact a pit bull. […]

My amendments will change the law from a breed specific ban to a dangerous animal ban. […]

Directing the town’s limited resources to protecting our neighbors by investigating the actions of animals rather than determining the breed will be more effective and an efficient.

Kenneth Wilcox, North Beach

The writer is a member of the North Beach Town Council.

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