Cincinnati, OH: City repeals breed ban

Cincinnati city council has repealed their long-standing breed ban, by a vote of 8-1.

Please thank the city council for making a smart decision!
City Council, 801 Plum St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Information Line: 513-352-1576

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Cincinnati Pit Bull Ban Repealed

Breed-specific legislation repealed after nine years

May 16th, 2012 By Hannah McCartney

[…] Today, Cincinnati City Council voted 8-1 to officially repeal the breed-specific language in Cincinnati’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal.

[…] The amendments to Section 701-1-V of the Cincinnati Municipal code completely remove breed-specific terminology, meaning today marks the first day since 2003 in which ownership of pit bulls within Cincinnati city limits is officially legal. […]

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