Mount Clemens, MI: Work session to discuss BSL repeal, May 21

In February, Mount Clemens, MI, commissioners voted to amend their animal control ordinance to remove breed-specific language. There was a first reading in March, and then… nothing.

Tonight, May 21, at 6:00 PM, the council will hold a work session. The animal ordinance is on the work session agenda for discussion. The workshop is open to the public. Commission Chambers, City Hall, One Crocker Boulevard.

If you are able to attend this work session to show your support for repeal of BSL, please do so! Because the city has been silent on this for so long, we are concerned that the city may not go forward with repeal of BSL.

Please continue to encourage city commissioners to support repeal  of BSL!;;;;;;

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2 responses to “Mount Clemens, MI: Work session to discuss BSL repeal, May 21

  1. Dave Sutton

    Attended the work session meeting tonight at City Hall. The verbage in the Repeal has been agreed upon, this should be an Agenda Item at the next City Commission Meeting June 4, 2012. ,From all indications we have the number of votes needed to Repeal the BSL. The only dissenters are the Mayor Barb Dempsey, and City Commissioner Matthew Dreger. All the other Commissioners are in favor of Reapeal. However , the Mayor is most likely going to try and rally the anti’s-but we have the solid support from Commissioners Gary Blash, Roger Buntin,Ron Campbell, Lois Hill, and Joe Rheker III. The vote will most likely be 5-2 in favor of Repeal