Trinidad and Tobago: BSL to go into effect, August 2012

We last reported on Trinidad and Tobago in May 2011. Trinidad and Tobago has had BSL in place since 2000 (regulating “pit bulls,” Japanese Tosa, and Fila Brasiliero), but the Act has never been enforced. T&T government has decided to enforce the BSL, effective August 2012.

Last year, the government was considering some revisions to the Dangerous Dogs Act, but as of today, they have decided not to revise it. The T&T Dangerous Dogs Act currently mirrors the Dangerous Dog Act of the UK, which has been a miserable failure.

The following news article also contains the text of the DDA for T&T. Click the article link (below) to read the entire article and to see the text of the DDA.

Man’s best friend in the doghouse

By CAROL MATROO Sunday, May 20 2012

Despite misgivings by various interest groups and dog lovers throughout Trinidad and Tobago, Government will apparently make the Dangerous Dogs Act law on August 1 without amendment.

The act, originally inspired by former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, was passed in June 2000 but was never proclaimed. It requires owners of dangerous dogs to be at least 18 years old, carry $250,000 insurance, adhere to special containment requirements, sterilisation and registration, and to apply and obtain a $500 annual licence per dog. […]

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