Carmi, IL: Residents ask for BSL

Illinois state law prohibits municipalities from passing BSL, so Carmi cannot legally pass BSL or a breed ban despite residents’ requests. City officials are aware of this. (Illinois “home rule” municipalities can pass BSL despite state law, but Carmi is not a “home rule” city.)

Residents and locals may wish to get involved in Carmi to help city officials make the community safer and more educated about dog behavior and responsible dog ownership.

Dog owners urged to obey leash laws

By Braden Willis, Carmi Times
Posted May 24, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

[…] The attacking dog was a pit bull breed and Port acknowledged at Monday’s meeting there has been a call from neighbors in that area for the council to enact breed-specific prohibitions against pit bulls.

The mayor said such an ordinance has been considered, but the council learned state law prohibits breed-specific prohibitions. […]

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