Lebanon, OH: Proposal to repeal BSL

Lebanon, OH, is working on repealing their BSL. Their city law mirrored the old Ohio state law by automatically categorizing “pit bulls” as vicious dogs. The city has rewritten their dog ordinances to more closely resemble the new, breed-neutral state law.

Although many city officials are supportive of the change to a breed-neutral dog ordinance, the mayor is against it. I’m not sure if the mayor holds veto power in Lebanon, but it probably wouldn’t hurt for city officials to hear from a supportive public.

Please send your respectful, encouraging support to city officials in Lebanon as they work toward repeal of BSL: citycouncil@lebanonohio.gov

Lebanon updates law banning vicious dogs

Law will be easier to enforce, as it is no longer breed specific.

By Justin McClelland, Staff Writer

5:59 PM Thursday, May 24, 2012

LEBANON — Following the lead of a new state law, Lebanon officials are looking to do away with a ban on pitbull terriers and move to a more general ban on dogs deemed as “vicious.” […]

“It’s very difficult to enforce a law that is breed specific,” said Lebanon City Attorney Mark Yurick. “This new law is not breed specific and instead focuses on the conduct of any dog or the purpose for which it is bred.”

Yurick said the new law would be much easier to enforce as law officers would no longer have to “prove” a dog was a pitbull or of pitbull ancestry. […]

Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer said she would not support the lifting of the ban.

“I feel strongly that these dogs are dangerous and can’t support the legislation,” Brewer said. […]

Full article retrieved 5/25/12 from http://www.middletownjournal.com/news/middletown-news/lebanon-updates-law-banning-vicious-dogs-1381057.html

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